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If you have experienced parental alienation or know someone who has … Look in the mirror and read this:


Calling Myself on Father’s Day


Good morning … (Fill in your name) Another beautiful morning it is. Yes, I am staying positive.

I call myself to wish myself a Happy Father’s Day. My children have been brainwashed – of course they will deny it. This is part of the alienation process. Unfortunately, they have shown no interest to be a part of my life. Therefore, I again call myself.

With alienation and brainwashing you will hear the following: “Hi mom!” at a sporting event. “Happy Father’s Day to my mom who is a single mom” Sadly, in their mind a father does not exist to them. They have been taught to disrespect and hate the thought of their father. Yet checks are cashed every month until college graduation. Of course, in the public eyes, this goes unnoticed and disrespected. “He is required to send a check.” “I am being raised by a single mom.” “She deserves it.”

They do not acknowledge the many years that their father has attempted to be in their lives. Yet the court system loves to use kids as pawns to make money for the billion-dollar divorce industry. I must not forget this. The court system easily destroys families. I will not blame my kids for not calling today.

It’s ok. They are victims.

Nevertheless, I call myself. I know the love they have missed. They continue to miss the love that I have for them. They missed the love I have always had for my misguided children.

They have missed the love from grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends and more. The friends and family of me, their father, are extensions of my life … So much wisdom to give. So much passion to give So much love to give

I call myself. The love is here. The love has always been here. Just waiting to be received. The courts, false claims and public disregard of a father’s love have become glass fences.

Glass fences will be shattered. It’s only a matter of time. The bat is on their side of the fence.

“Reach out to your father.” Someone needs to tell my children. Of course, they do not listen to me. Maybe today someone will hand them the bat in order to break the glass fence. Nevertheless, until then. I call myself and text myself. Happy Father’s Day. (Fill in your name)

Michael S. Joyner, MD, CDC®
Founder, Mediator, and Coach at MJ MD Mediation, Coaching & Sports Management

MJMD Mediation and Divorce Coaching Corporation focuses on serving frequently-targeted professionals—doctors, health care professionals, professional athletes and CEOs—who have worked hard for their earned income.

Dr. J is the author of Forever My Daddy: Denied, a true story of how his passion and dream to be a father to his two sons was crushed as result of Parental Alienation. Dr. J uses his book as a guide throughout the coaching process.

Originally published June 21, 2020 –

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