Video by: Susan Kiernan

In this short video, Susan Kiernan, a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® happily shares her work with a client fearful of a very stressful situation that could have easily turned ugly and ruined a day that meant so much to her daughter. Susan explains how her client was able to turn this scenario around into a beautiful day that everyone in the family will remember for the right reasons.

Susan’s client had been married for over 30 years before deciding to get divorced. Her husband did not want the divorce and was dragging his feet … and her daughter was getting ready to get married. Her client was angry and hurt and upset, this was the first time that she was going to have to face him after being separated, and she was going to have do so with her adult children around.


With Susan’s help, her client developed her own mantra and they practiced role playing and other exercises in order to give her the confidence to show up as her “best self” at the wedding. Her goal was to take the focus off her emotions and instead focus on the importance of being at her daughter’s wedding.

Susan’s client was able to show up at the wedding, have a fantastic time, and her daughter was so proud of her and told her that it was everything to her that her mom put all of her upset and fears and uncertainty to the side and just had a great time. The client was so thankful that this was going to be the memory instead of some horrible, disastrous scene that was created at the wedding.

Even though Susan’s client is still going through the divorce process, her success with her daughter’s wedding empowered her so much that she went out and applied for a very high-level job … and got it! The client is trying new things, and going out every day and living her best life and Susan couldn’t be prouder of her.


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