Video by: Angela Shanerman

In this video, Angela Shanerman, a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®gives insight into how she was able to help one of her clients who was struggling with his vision of what he wanted for himself and his two boys during and after the process of divorce.

Working with Angela, he was able to have some really tough conversations with his spouse that were not going to happen had he not been in divorce coaching. With coaching he was able to work with a mediator to create an agreement that was workable for both parties and was able to articulate his concerns and wishes in a calm, credible manner.


Once the divorce process was over, he was able to refocus on things that he had put off, his passions that he enjoyed doing and he regain enough trust in himself that he was able to eventually start dating again. With divorce coaching he was able to successfully keep his vision in front of him of what he wanted for his life and for his two boys.



Angela Shanerman, CDC®

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