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CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
CDFA Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®
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Alternative Divorce Solutions, LLC is a consulting company where we help people facing divorce make financial decisions with confidence.  It is our mission to ensure that anyone who is facing a divorce has the knowledge and expertise available to then to ensure they do not accept a settlement that they do not understand and are not comfortable with.  Your financial future should not be a surprise because of your divorce.  We are here to be a part of your divorce team and ensure that you understand all aspects of your case including the short-term and long-term impacts of accepting different settlement options and are confident that you know what your financial picture will look like post-divorce.  It is our goal to help you move through the divorce process as quickly and smoothly as possible so you can get on with the rest of you life!

Services I Offer

-Mediation as a Financial Neutral

-Consultation as a Financial Advocate

-Pension Valuations

-Lump-sum buyout calculations for spousal support

-Separate property tracing

-Lifestyle analysis

-Financial planning for your post-divorce life


-CDFA Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®
-CDC Certified Divorce Coach®

Professional Memberships

-Institute for Divorce Financial Analysis

Background Experience

I am a Financial Advisor for Feldmeyer Financial Group and am the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Alternative Divorce Solutions, LLC.  As part of a father-daughter team, we have been working with divorcing couples for over 5 years helping them understand the all aspects of their financial picture before, during and after the divorce process.  My Father and business partner has been the President and Owner of Feldmeyer Financial Group for 27 years and together we use our combined expertise to work with couples as either a Financial Neutral or a Financial Advocate.

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