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I am a Certified Divorce Coach and retired Divorce Lawyer, supporting professional parents through separation and divorce.

I believe that time is non-refundable and that a joyful, fulfilling and purposeful life is our birthright. I also believe that living in anger, guilt and resentment is a heartbreaking misuse of our time, leaving us with a reduced capacity to find the light in living. I believe that the process of separation and divorce should reflect these truths. If you share these values and are ready to invest in yourself and your future, then I may be the right divorce coach for you.

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Services I Offer

I offer One-on-One virtual coaching sessions to help you:

  • Make the best use of your time & money

  • Prioritize your incredible parenting abilities

  • Minimize the emotional impacts of divorce

  • Overcome the overwhelm & create calm

  • Get organized & prepared

  • De-escalate the conflict

  • Understand your options

  • Make better decisions

  • Achieve clarity & focus

  • Prioritize your overall health & wellbeing

  • Rediscover your joy, fulfillment & purpose

  • Explore & set new goals for your future self


CDC Certified Divorce Coach
CDC Certified Transition & Recovery Specialist
Post-Graduate Certificate, Holistic Health & Wellness Coach
Post-Graduate Certificate, Holistic Nutritionist
Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.), University of Western Ontario
Bachelor of Arts (Hons.), McMaster University

Background Experience

Retired Divorce Lawyer with nearly ten years experience practicing family law in the Province of Ontario. Collaboratively trained and ADR focused, I bring my legal experience as well as my expertise in holistic health & wellness to my Divorce Coaching practice, providing my clients with a more holistic approach to the traditional divorce process.

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