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If you are thinking about divorce, or early in the process, you are likely overwhelmed by all the decisions and uncertainty in your future. Are you wondering where to begin, how to be a good parent during such a hard time, and how you’ll ever feel confident again about your choices? 

You CAN:

  • Have a respectful, low-conflict separation,

  • Minimize the impact of divorce on your children,

  • Set the foundation for long-term, healthy co-parenting, and

  • Show up as your best self and set the tone for a respectful process

Wondering what a divorce coach does?
– I am a thinking partner who gets you organized and uber-prepared for meetings with your lawyer and other team members, saving you $$ and enhancing efficiencies.
– I am your communications expert and advocate – together we’ll create a plan for clear, intentional communications based on your goals, not your emotions.
– I will stand with you at the center of your divorce web – helping to objectively assess choices and prioritize the flood of confusing, overwhelming information.
– I’m not a lawyer or a therapist – I partner with both as needed to provide you with the customized support you need.
– Most importantly, I am committed to reminding you of the strength, resilience and courage you already have, and the wholehearted Phase 2 that you deserve.

My coaching practice is built on these fundamental beliefs:
– Clear, intentional communication is the foundation on which real rebuilding begins
– Everyone deserves an amazing “Phase 2.”

If you or someone you care about is dealing with divorce, wants to navigate each step with intention, to show up as their best self, engage the right team, and focus on the future they deserve, send them my way! It would truly be my pleasure to chat with them and see if we are a fit.

Services I Offer
Compass Rose coaching™ is available for anyone feeling anxious and overwhelmed and looking to create and utilize healthy communication throughout the divorce process. We’ll work to achieve your goals, set healthy boundaries and rediscover the strength, resilience and courage needed to successfully navigate divorce. Each package includes a 75-minute discovery session (virtually or in person).

I offer three different package options:

Start Here Package: This four-session series is for anyone feeling overwhelmed, paralyzed, or afraid of next steps and needing a jump start. Together we’ll ask the tough questions, unpack assumptions and prioritize so you can gain clarity around important decisions.

Three-Month Support Package – This package provides up to 12 coaching sessions during which I will listen, ask key questions, provide strategy and thoughtful support so you can find new perspective and move forward with confidence. If you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed in your process, sending communications you regret, are confused about what to ask or do next, or even need a style refresh, this package offers the support you need to show up as your best self.

Six-Month Total Support – Most divorces take several months or even longer. This package includes up to 24 coaching sessions so that you are fully supported in all aspects of your divorce process. You will have an objective, strategic advocate and thinking partner by your side as you navigate each challenge. Whether you are focused on co-parenting, re-entering the workforce, getting healthy or ready to date again, we’ll work together to identify the steps you need to take toward your wholehearted future.


CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
CDC Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach®
Collaborative Divorce Training Level I and Level II

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Colorado Collaborative Divorce Professionals
Foothills Collaborative Divorce Professionals

Background Experience

Andra Davidson is a corporate communications VP turned Certified Divorce Coach. She helps anxious and overwhelmed men and women find the strength and skills to minimize the impact of divorce for their kids, be a healthy co-parent and show up as their best self throughout the process. Her relatable style, strength-based perspective and non-judgmental attitude have made her a sought-after divorce coach with a notable list of client success stories, and she is regularly featured on and, and been a guest on the Divorce Resiliency and Splitting Smart podcasts. Download her free “Say It Better” planner here, follow her blog, and find her on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

Compass Rose™ clients benefit from my 25+ years of experience in crisis communications, branding and marketing, as well as my calm strength and commitment to tangible results. Throughout my career I have worked to help executives, teams and individuals communicate succinctly, with clarity, intention and impact, and I love using these skills to provide support and confidence to women and men tangled in the web of divorce.


Even though my divorce process is complete (and I am living my Phase 2!) I still value Andra’s input on communications strategies related to my ex, co-parenting issues and other questions that come up. She is always reliable, attentive and never judgmental. I absolutely recommend her! – L.S.

Andra helped me find perspective and keep me focused on my long-term goals. Today, my ex and I consistently communicate in the best interest of our kids, and it has a lot to do with the tone Andra helped me establish from the very beginning. – R.G.

I wanted to get educated about divorce, but all of it – finance, custody and vacations, timing, etc. – was overwhelming. Andra’s total belief in me, coupled with her patient, step-by-step guidance, is helping me think through what’s best for me and my kids, get organized and realize I have the strength to handle whatever I choose. – E.D.

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