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CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
CDC Certified Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach®, Licensed Baccalaureate Social Worker, Mediator, Speaker, Author
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*** As mothers, our children are our heartbeat. ***

Divorce threatens that heartbeat in ways that keep us at night and makes our future feel uncertain and hopeless.

My divorce was finalized in 2013, and my kids now live in a shared family with separate addresses with their dad and I.  He and I enjoy a meaningful and supportive relationship…but I need you to know it wasn’t always this way.  In the beginning, I couldn’t eat and I couldn’t sleep.   I felt tortured by wild and unmanageable emotions, driven by anger and hopelessness, and frightened for how this broken family was affecting my kids.  My heart wanted something good to come of this, but the only thing I seemed to manifest was the struggle.

*** But — I dug deep. ***

And I fought for something better.

I started applying some critical mindset shifts, rewriting my communication patterns, and aligning myself with reality in a new and important way.

I get to live in the beautiful fruits of that now, and  I can help you too.  The only thing you need to bring is your heartfelt intention to get there.


Services I Offer
  • I’m Not Sure If I Should Stay or Go? Comprehensive evaluations to help you see where you are, where you are willing to go next, and what’s standing up on its tiptoes asking for your attention.
  • I’m In The Middle And I’m A Mess. Clarity focused discussions to help you find the edges of what you’re transitioning through with an aim to root your confidence and sense of control over the process.
  • My Divorce Is Final But I’m Still Stuck. Targeted, topical, heart shaping talks to frame the “one thing” that will chase you as you seek healing along with the practical steps you need to get unstuck from the fear, anger, darkness, and discontent around your recovery.



CDC Certified Divorce Coach©
CDC Certified Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach©
State of Arizona Licensed Baccalaureate Social Worker

Background Experience

I am a wife, business professional, and mother who has personally lived the frustrating and enormously challenging struggle of surviving divorce while still working, raising kids, and participating in community life.

In my practice, I offer you vital tools to help you through your process of BREAKING – living with the pain, overwhelm, insecurity, and fear – as well as the strategies you need to embark on your process of REMAKING – handling the legal part of your divorce with greater confidence, tackling the financial elements of your divorce with your future in mind, communicating with everyone more clearly, working toward a future family and future self that make you swell with gratitude, and even embracing hope.

Divorce is a series of incredibly important decisions made at a time when you feel most spent. I love my work as your thinking partner, champion, and guide as you navigate this crisis. Where the divorce process overwhelms and clouds the mind, divorce coaching is our carved out time to gather yourself emotionally, assess your situation, figure out what you want, and start to wrap your arms and heart around what is required of you next.

My background is in the helping profession, having worked at local, state, and non-profit organizations to improve the lives of the most vulnerable in our community. I love hiking, walking, desert driving with my husband, hanging out with my kids, and helping my clients through their own BREAKING AND REMAKING.



“Andrea helped me cut through the fear, fog, and confusion in dark dismal days when I wasn’t sure which way was up. She taught me how to play the long game planting seeds that would be healthy and life giving for me and my kids years down the road. She challenged me, coached me, and cheered me on. Divorce could easily have been my undoing where I got stuck. I could have been that woman 10 years down the road still complaining about her ex-husband, but instead it’s been and continues to be an experience laden with tremendous personal growth – a strength I never knew I had. Andrea helped me discover that within myself.”      -S.G.

“I can count on Andrea for the deep dive into the hard conversation.  Her honesty and curiosity helped me see and remove roadblocks in my situation.”             – A.G.

“Andrea is full of integrity, wicked smart, wise and willing to wrestle with me…”            – S.D.

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