Aynsley Jurson
CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
Aynsley Jurson
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Divorce is a complex and highly emotional time. Many women feel overwhelmed, anxious, and alone when they are making some of the most important legal and financial decisions of their lives.

I have created an online membership and digital courses to provide step-by-step guidance and a supportive community so that they feel empowered to make smart decisions for themselves, their family and their future.


CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
CDC Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach®
Certified Financial Transitionist®

Background Experience

I understand the complexity and gravity of separating and how difficult it can be to find a way forward.

  • Over 20 years as a Financial Advisor specialising in working with women navigating divorce.
  • Certified Financial Transitionist®
  • CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
  • CDC Certified Separation & Recovery Coach®
  • Collaboratively trained Financial Neutral
  • Host of “The Business of Divorce Podcast with Aynsley Jurson”

1.“Aynsley is a financially-savvy expert you can call a friend. She’s relaxed, knows how to have a laugh and knocks your socks off with her incredible financial knowledge.

She leads you through your worst nightmare with grace, compassion, and confidence.” – Helen

2. “The guidance Aynsley provides to people who are going through challenging times is invaluable. She has a unique blend of smarts and is both practical and funny. She has great positive energy – which is definitely needed on those days when you feel it’s all too much. And she doesn’t judge. If you need a trusted adviser that is smart and who really cares, I would unreservedly recommend her.” – Terri

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