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CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
CDC Certified Divorce Coach, Family Law Paralegal and Candle Artist
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My name is Becki Parry and I am a Divorce Coach with a passion for helping parents learn to effectively communicate with his/her co-parent in order to improve their children’s futures. I have worked in family law for over a decade and have seen hundreds of cases wind through the legal system. I have unique insight into the benefits of improved communication skills and love sharing those skills with my clients! The benefits are extensive, especially for my client’s children.


I have had the luck of working extensively with Becki over the course of my high conflict divorce and post decree issues. She has been a paralegal on my case, but also has provided me with emotional support, grounding, and translating the issues at hand from legal-ese into context I can more fully understand. The way the legal system operates is often counterintuitive, frightening, or foreign when compared to how we live every day lives, and this can create so much stress when our families and finances are on the line. Becki has always taken the time to be present with me, to help me understand what is happening, to help me process my feelings so that I can make the best decisions based on my wants and needs, and to help me communicate those things in a clear way to the people advocating for me. I am thrilled to see her engaging with more people in this capacity, as she has a unique gift for truly seeing people and holding space for them during some of the most confusing and distressing times of their lives. She is professional, honest, kind, supportive and fun, and the amount of help she brings is immense. You won’t regret working with her for a single minute.

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Facing a divorce, or other child-related litigation, can be scary and overwhelming. My name is Becki Parry and I’ve worked as a family law paralegal for over 10 years. During my career, I have supported hundreds of people through the difficult and traumatic process of divorce. I have seen the impact of litigation on people facing life-changing decisions and believe there is relief!

As a divorce coach, I am here to help you along the way with organizing your thoughts, preparing for big decisions, and managing the divorce process from start to finish. My clients benefit from my skills and experience in synthesizing information and presenting a clear message. I am passionate about co-parenting communication skills.

I will be the person there to support you in finding strength through the challenges and will be the first one to celebrate the successes you will achieve.  I look forward to our journey together!

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