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I am the founder and lead divorce coach, career transition specialist, mediator and mentor of Better Divorce Academy, an organization dedicated to helping create a better divorce story for everyone involved.

The divorce process can make us feel like we’re coming undone. Through private coaching, courses, online groups, real-world retreats, and more, we help you prepare yourself and your affairs for the next stage of your life. Our team will be there to support you every step of the way.

Services I Offer
  • Private Certified Divorce Coaching sessions
  • Mediation Agreement Preparation (As a neutral, create and rehearse an agreement proposal that is ready to step into a mediation meeting)
  • VIP 1:1 coaching, mediation/court preparations, planner, unlimited text, email support, online course and retreat

Divorce Essentials…

  • Better Divorce Blueprint Book (#1 Best Selling on Amazon in 4 categories) : Your essential guide that teaches you how to prepare and thrive through the hardest chapter of your life.
  • Better Divorce Blueprint Workbook (gives you a private place to keep track of your divorce professional contacts, appointments, questions, short and long term plans, goals, insights, journal entries and inspiration)
  • No Matter What Deck of Cards (Keep this beautiful inspirational deck of cards with you to use in times of confusion. This 52 Card Deck is filled with direction to help guide you.

Coming Soon…

  • Better Divorce Blueprint Course (8 module online course that walks you through the complete road of the divorce journey and a companion book included)
  • Better Divorce Inner Circle (Annual online group coaching membership-INCLUDED For free for anyone who purchases the 8 module online course)
  • Best Life Ever Retreat Weekend away (offered 2 times a year)

Certified Divorce Specialist
Registered Mediator
Certified Divorce Coach

Professional Memberships

CDC Certified Divorce Coach

Background Experience

Better Divorce Academy comes from my own experiences in a difficult divorce. It was one of the 1% of divorces that go to a full trial and appeals process, and living through that ordeal taught me so much. I went through hell to find my sanity, and I vowed to never let anyone else go through the same thing.

My training as a divorce coach and mediator taught me that separation doesn’t have to be a terrible thing. Divorce can be a journey for both parties where there’s less stress, no fighting, and you both come away with a sense of closure and clarity about the future. I do this by breaking down the steps through the divorce process for each of my clients. Together, we find the best course of action to minimize obstacles and save time, money, and sanity.

Personal growth like this doesn’t come without loss, and through loss, we must heal. I utilize my training as a birth doula, yoga teacher, wellness advocate, and dharma code facilitator to help soothe your healing process and create a better tomorrow.


Working with Paulette has given me reassurance that my dreams are possible. She’s been a guiding light to help me access life goals from my heart, and those specific goals took away my stress and was replaced with confidence, excitement and drive. The pieces and people in my life seemed to fall into place as I showed up for each day with my intention. Paulette is patient and thorough in her approach and sees you as the complete individual that you are. She will help you surprise yourself. Creating this clear picture simplifies and energizes my desires to live my best life.
Bridget N.

Paulette Rigo is a superstar. She acted as my friend, advisor, and ally during a tumultuous and emotional time following a devastating relationship break-up. The resources she provided gave me a vocabulary to understand my experiences, while her coaching and guidance was invaluable in my healing. She helped me gain a deeper connection to myself. Paulette is a loving, kind, and empathetic spirit. I would highly recommend working with her in times of confusion, overwhelm and fear!
Lindsey B

Working with Paulette through my divorce I felt anything was possible. Her gift is helping one create solutions and, ones purpose, as well as identifying obstacles we create for ourselves. She is wise and deep yet fun and enjoyable to work with. You can be assured you will have very clear stepping stones to walk with Paulette by your side, as you make your dreams and new life ahead full of attainable goals
Beth M.

Paulette offers the perfect balance between empathy and fun! She is very engaging and will make you feel like you’ve known her for years. Paulette and The Better Divorce Academy will help you get through your ring of fire and get to other side of divorce. She’s a talented mediator and divorce coach, as well as a powerful author and podcaster. I have gained so much knowledge from her Thriving in Chaos podcast!
Michelle M.

Paulette has been God Sent. She has brought SO much clarity, alignment, transparency, and support. In the short period of time I have known her she helped me see through the weeds of chaos, and see through it with out the overwhelming emotions that can come with a divorce. When I first spoke with Paulette – It felt as though I had known her for years, and I was catching up with a friend. She’s smart, witty, and empathetic. I am blessed to know her, and grateful to have her in my corner! <3
Jessica B.

Paulette simply put is an amazing soul. I first met Paulette 13 years ago and I instantly felt like I knew her forever . Paulette’s kindness makes it so easy to open up to her about anything and everything ! Paulette has been someone I know I can turn to and trust over the years and her knowledge and understanding is very evident in our conversations together . Not only is Paulette knowledgeable, she is comforting , there is a sense of calm when speaking with her . I would highly recommend Paulette to anyone seeking guidance and support . I am blessed to have crossed paths with Paulette .
Lilyana S.

Paulette is absolutely amazing. She has helped me work through my break up and has been consistently available to me when necessary. She has also helped me see the light in other areas of my life that once didn’t seem so bright. Highly recommend working with her!
Hannah M.

Paulette was a lifesaver for me while I went through the divorce process. It is an overwhelming experience when you consider all of the damage that accumulated over such a span of time. I was triggered over and over again and she stepped in to calm me and talk me through what I was experiencing. In the past I always wondered if I was going crazy. She validated my feelings and assured me I wasn’t and that any sane person would feel similarly. She kept me focused and helped me prioritize and to not sweat the small stuff. It wasn’t worth it. On the other side now I finally found the peace she promised to help navigate me to. I can’t recommend anybody any higher than I do Paulette. Divorce doesn’t have to be hard. You don’t have to go at it alone. Allow her to walk hand in hand with you to the other side…to freedom… to peace.
Pamela P.

Paulette saved my sanity. I’m at the start of a long custody battle. Fearing the world would be against me as the father, I feared losing my rights as a father. Her advice and efforts are a bargin at any price…which is so reasonable and affordable. She’s amazing, really.
Brian J.

Paulette is very knowledgeable and And passionate about her field. She is there for clients whenever they need her. I highly recommend her if you are considering or going through a divorce. There are so many emotions and decisions to be made. Let a professional guide you through your process. It is worth it.
Michelle T.

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