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CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
NWFF® High Conflict Family Mediator, Co-Parent Coach, Pre-Mediation Coach and State of MI Supreme Court Approved Mediator
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Give yourself some grace as you manage change; life doesn’t always work out as planned, and keeping it together in front of your kids isn’t always easy. 

Brittany Bennett is dedicated to helping parents who want to calm the chaos of their divorce experience and develop an affinity for peaceful resolutions. She empowers them with the tools to make informed decisions, manage their emotions, and model healthy conflict resolution for their children.

As a mother of twins who has walked the path of divorce, she understands the emotional and legal complexities of the divorce experience. Her divorce inspired her to pursue a Dual Master’s in Legal Studies and Dispute Resolution, in addition to other professional training. She founded Bennett Dispute Resolution Services, LLC, based on services she would have found helpful during her divorce. 

Her focus is on preparing you for the divorce process, helping you understand your options, getting your mindset ready for mediation, and discovering your best self for life moving forward. She can help you navigate the divorce business, saving you time and money. 

Please contact her today to learn how she can help you through this difficult time.

Services I Offer

Certified Divorce Coach®

  • Reclaim your Best-Self
  • Gain Tools to Manage Emotions
  • Prepare for the Divorce Process and Beyond
  • Resources to connect with Divorce Experts
  • Free Membership to d.tour life APP when working together

New Ways For Families®

  • Pre-Mediation
  • Co-Parenting Without Conflict
  • Decision Skills
  • Youth Life Skills (Ages 12-18)

Family & Civil Mediation

  • Divorce
  • Parenting Time
  • Child/Spousal Support
  • Property Division
  • Other Difficult Conversations



Master of Dispute Resolution, MDR
Master of Legal Studies, MLS
Certified Divorce Coach®
New Ways For Families®
Brain Story®
State of Michigan Supreme Court Approved Mediator for Domestic Relationships, Domestic Violence Screening and Civil Disputes

Professional Memberships

High Conflict Institute
Grand Rapids BAR Association
Academy of Professional Family Mediators
MI Horse Council
American Horse Council

Background Experience

Brittany graduated from the Pepperdine Caruso School of Law and The Straus Institute of Dispute Resolution with a Dual Master’s in Legal Studies and Dispute Resolution. During her tenure, she worked to develop the foundational approach to her practice and how to implement the Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) study. Today, she provides an evidence-based approach to empowering parents with tools for modeling healthy conflict-resolution skills and the power of self-determination for better decision-making in the face of adversity.

Inspired by her children, after reading the ACE study, Brittany, a divorced mom of twins, committed herself to finding ways to protect them from the outcomes of being a child of divorce. She built her career in the pharmaceutical and wellness industries, working with patients, healthcare systems, and community outreach programs, reporting to government agencies ways to support disease states described in the ACE study. Brittany knows the cost of unresolved trauma caused by early childhood experiences and the importance of patient compliance. Her undergraduate degree is from Grand Valley State University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Health Communications.

Brittany, a life learner, continues to develop as an approved mediator by the State of Michigan Supreme Court Approval Office for domestic relations, domestic violence screening, and general civil cases. Her specialty training is through the High Conflict Institute with Bill Eddy, LCSW, ESQ., and is a licensed provider of the New Ways For Families® Mediation and Conflict Coaching Programs. Additionally, she is Brain Story Certified, a collaboration of Oxford and Harvard Center for the Developing Child, through the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative and Palix Foundation.

To better understand the needs of her community and move away from pharma, Brittany later was a YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program Coordinator for corporate wellness and community outreach programs. During that same time, she volunteered for the Kent County Area Human Trafficking Coalition’s victim services. Brittany was invited by the State Bar of Michigan as a special invitee to participate in The Joseph Project training: Legal Responders for Survivors of Human Trafficking as a non-attorney. Finding peace at the barn, as a Renew Therapeutic Riding Center volunteer, she witnessed everyday miracles of the horse-human relationship.

Today, Brittany’s volunteer work includes the Dispute Resolution Center of West Michigan, where she focuses on helping high-conflict families find solutions that work for them and help close the court system loop. Brittany is an elected member of the Board of Directors for the Michigan Horse Council, Chair of the Equine Legislative Day Committee and Michigan Delegate for the Coalition of State Horse Councils. She is committed to providing members a shared voice for the Equine Industry to educate legislators on industry updates.

Brittany is not an attorney or therapist; she is a peacemaker who works collaboratively with parents one-on-one, their attorneys, other mediators, the judicial system, and community outreach programs to prepare families for change and move forward from mediation. Together, we can build a foundation for more resilient families and communities.



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