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Starting my own business as a certified coach and a Florida State Supreme Certified Court family mediator has been another step in a journey full of transitions.  I had just moved to Florida after selling the multi-provider counseling practice I owned and operated in Pittsburgh. My decision to focus on working with individuals experiencing their own life adjustments was the culmination of many years of my own changes.  Having dealt with life renewing events, I learned first-hand that there is within each of us a strength and resilience to emerge as a better person when we are left with no choice but to face adversity.

The unimaginable has happened. You are in the middle of a divorce or a breakup. Overwhelmed, angry, frustrated, hurt, afraid, lost?  Take a moment and breathe. Hold on to your dignity and stay calm.  We can do this together. You need support and a strong thought partner. I am here to help you.

You’re going through a difficult change.  There is nothing wrong in asking for someone to go through this with you.  You’re fine.  You just need some support.

Coaching will help you get your mojo back!!  You know what you need to do, and we’ll work together to do that.

I’m not going to be your therapist and if you decide you need to see a therapist, that will be fine.

I’m not your attorney. but you might need one.   We can discuss that option.

There are many things you will think about in the coming weeks, and you will feel overwhelmed, but it’s okay.  Every person who has gone through this, feels overwhelmed.    You are NOT alone!!!

Once things are over and you have moved through the breakup successfully, you’ll begin to feel like you need to move to the next phase of your life.  I know that seems impossible today, but it will happen.  Think about of yourself two years from today.  How do you see yourself?

As a single person, you may be looking at life in a new way.  Questions about dating, single parenting, you are now the head of the household and managing all the finances—things may seem overwhelming.  Where to begin?  It’s fine to ask for someone to talk through all the new things in your life.  You don’t want to ask your sister or your best friend.  Both are still happily married and have no idea what you’re going through.  It’s okay.  One step at a time.  You have a thought partner.

It’s all about the new you and your life now!!!



Services I Offer

My coaching style is down to earth, honest, simple and supportive.  I am not going to confuse with lots of jargon and tech talk that you will need to unravel.  If you need a thought partner who will walk the path with you, have a straightforward conversation, hear your concerns and help you tap into your strengths, call or email.  If you’re looking for someone who is pricey and will talk to you about your inner child and reaching back to care for that child, please do not call me.  There are many others out there who are better suited to your needs.  If you want to get down to business, move to the next step and find your path, I am the coach for you.

I work with individuals who have children as well as those who have fur babies.  I know the importance animals bring to our lives and the friction it causes during a breakup when deciding with whom the beloved pet will live.  What happens when extended family members are a part of the household and must be considered in the new living arrangement?  I understand that issue and can help you discuss it.  Same sex couples?  Civil unions?  All couples deserve the consideration and respect coaches can provide and I deeply hold that belief.

I am available for a complementary 20 consult.  Please call or email.  352.764.7001 or


University of Pittsburgh: Bachelor of Science Degree, Psychology
University of Pittsburgh: Certification in Women’s Studies
California University of Pennsylvania: Master’s Degree, Counseling
Florida State Supreme Court: Certified Family Mediator
Florida State Supreme Court: Certified County Mediator
Associate Certified Coach
CDC Certified Divorce Coach
CDC Certified Transition & Recovery Coach
Certified Diversity Coach

Professional Memberships

International Coaching Federal
Florida Association of Professional Mediators
East Lake Chamber of Commerce
National Association of Divorce Professionals

Background Experience

Before shifting into coaching, my career was spent as a therapist working with women and often men as they struggled through the changes and transitions in their lives.  One of the most difficult things they dealt with was the breakup of a relationship, whether it was expected or unexpected.  Dealing with the hurt, anger and frustration was always a challenge for them.  I often worked with them as couples prior to the decision to end the relationship watching as they denied that it was no longer working for them, but fearful of letting go.  Angry because they had not expected this to happen and filled with sadness because of unfulfilled dreams.  I have been honored to coach people through this process for the past three years.


We had just grown apart.  We weren’t angry but mostly sad.  Carole seemed to understand that we needed someone to take the time to let us talk through how we were going split things up.  She was very patient.  Fortunately, we don’t have kids, but we were able to work out everything else taking the time we needed.  – JANET M.

Having known Carole personally, I know she’s a kind, caring and intelligent person with high moral values. I highly recommend anything Carole does! – CHERYL H.

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Call or email and we can schedule a time for a 20 minute complimentary discovery session.  Let’s talk and find out if we’re a good match.  If what I have to offer sounds like what you need and you like my style, let’s get going!!  You can reach me at 352.764.7001 or at

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