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Fellow fathers, as your divorce coach, I’m here to be your support, guidance, sounding board, and community as you navigate one of the most challenging seasons in your life. If you’re like me, your goal is to make what will soon be two households more so two homes for your children. This is a transformative experience for everyone involved and I am here to help you navigate it, sharing tools from my professional training and insights from my personal experience.

My Goals as Your Coach

  1. Become a person of trust for my clients through the WHOLE process.
  2. Provide variations of support for clients through their divorce process.
  3. Be useful in my knowledge and experiences on behalf of my clients.

Many men feel reaching out for help is not the “man” thing to do, but I implore you it is a tool that will make this a prepared transition for your life!

I am a single Father with an amazingly loved young daughter.  I am able to testify that true co-parenting is possible and alive!  I also am part of a blended family and have come in to a Step Father role that I love.

Services I Offer

I offer services ranging from weekly meetings to monthly.  My intent is to be THERE for you as a coach, confidant, and resource.  Especially when I am needed, and those needs may vary as I understand over time.  I offer Co-parenting and Stepparent tips along with an abundance of information and resources.  A little information can go a long way when you feel like your world is changing.  It all starts with a free discovery call!


CDC Certified Divorce Coach
CDC Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach

Background Experience

I am a CDC Certified Divorce Coach | CDC Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach.  I have several years of relatable coaching experience as well.

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Divorce can be a whirlwind experience. I’m here to help my clients prepare for and weather the storm with the goal of decreasing the chances of catastrophic impacts; I hope you will feel confident that there are brighter days to come for you and your family.  It starts with a free discovery call.

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