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For the last 7 years, I have been working with parents going through high conflict divorces.  I offer expert guidance and support to individuals navigating separation, divorce, and healing from hidden abuse. My focus is on empowerment and personalized recovery and rebuilding strategies, enabling you to thrive.

Holding a Master’s Degree in social sciences and a Graduate Diploma in adult education, I bring a deep understanding of the complexities involved in these types of emotionally, mentally, financially, and spiritually draining situations.

My expertise extends to Divorce Coaching (CDC) and Trauma Recovery (CTRC), allowing me to deliver tailored, holistic, and comprehensive solutions to my clients.

I provide confidential, in depth 1:1 support, using trauma-informed techniques grounded in evidence-based neurobiology.

My approach involves direct, effective strategies, empowering clients to reclaim their lives with confidence and renewed hope.

I help you skillfully manage your divorce experience and empower you to move through the process with confidence, courage, and clarity.  Rebuild your new life with confidence.

I work with parents and people from all relationship backgrounds.

My services are confidential, private and use secure, encrypted technology.

My services are virtual serving the USA and Canada.  I offer in-person services in Metro Vancouver, Canad.

Services I Offer


I provide confidential tailored 1-on-1 emotional, logistical and practical supports virtually.

Specifically, I help you:

  • Make the best use of your time, energy, and resources
  • Organize facts and documentation effectively
  • Navigate the divorce process and associated paperwork to ensure efficiency with your legal team
  • Organize financial paperwork to ensure an efficient process with legal and financial teams
  • All aspects of parenting and co-parenting, including parenting through trauma
  • Untangle and recover from hidden abuse, gender-based violence, and high-conflict divorces  – often called “bad” divorces”
  • Reduce feeling overwhelmed
  • Process and reduce stress.  Get grounded, capable and empowered
  • Reduce trauma for your and your children
  • Improved, informed decision-making
  • Rebuild the next chapter of your life that you love.

The result, less stress and trauma for your and your children, as well as improved, informed decision-making.

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Masters degree, interdisciplinary social sciences
Graduate diploma, adult education
Certified Trauma Recovery Counsellor
Certified Divorce Coach

Professional Memberships

Certified Divorce Coach
American Bar Association, Member
Collaborative Divorce
Family Mediation Canada
CCPC Global, Certified Trauma Recovery Counsellor

Background Experience

Master’s Degree in social sciences

Graduate Diploma in adult education

Certified Divorce Coach (CDC)

Certified Trauma Recovery (CTRC)

Specialization in gender-based violence, hidden abuse and post-separation abuse.



Chavisa was there when I needed her. When everyone else put me on hold, or stopped listening, or told me to go somewhere else, or charged me way too much for ambivalence, she was there; with compassion, respect and most critically with the knowledge I needed about the system and its inner workings.  After I thought that I had explored every avenue and had found the doors all locked, Chavisa found ways to open them. I called her in exhilaration, her insights had worked, I had found what I needed to save myself and perhaps even more critically, I was able to protect my child.  Chavisa understands the psychological workings of silent abuse but also the legal, social, and interpersonal ways that make it hard to break free. She is non-judgemental, right there in all the ways you want someone to show up, and she not only understands the situation at hand, but she is also there as a professional and informational guide to show you all the ways out – ways to move forward with your life, that you would have never have seen on your own.  (2024)


Chavisa is passionate. She asks insightful questions and is able to get to the heart of the issue very quickly. She helped me develop a strategy and helped me gain clarity about my desired outcomes as well as the steps to get there. Most importantly, I felt inspired to take the next step, despite my initial trepidation!  Chavisa has a wealth of experience in strategy and generously shares this expertise with others.  (2023)

I started working with Chavisa a few years after my divorce.  Her guidance helped me identify my strengths and hone in on finding a more hopeful trajectory for my future.  It’s been an incredibly healing and strengthening experience. I found comfort and ease with her approach to my overwhelm and fear.  Chavisa had the ability to intuitively meet me where I was at, de-escalate my anxiety, and help me move forward gaining economic improvements to improve me and my child’s quality of life. I felt seen and believed in, which was so affirming and gratifying having felt so helpless and powerless since divorcing.  With Chavisa’s help, I’m putting the steps in motion to achieve my own business and become independent.  (2024) 

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