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CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
The Divorce and Separation Coach
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As a Certified Divorce Coach®, I am trained to be non-judgmental and empathetic. My objective is to help you set clear divorce goals and to support you in making decisions based on your desired outcomes. This will allow you to reduce conflict, improve your negotiation and communication skills with your spouse, and come out of the process in a stronger position, ready to start a new chapter of your life.

Each stage of the divorce process brings its own challenges and questions across various life dimensions: financial, emotional, family, professional… There are many life-altering choices that need to be made and it is very common for people to feel overwhelmed by the amount of change, decision-making and emotional pain they are dealing with all at once. I support my clients throughout the divorce and separation lifecycle, no matter what stage they are at when they initially reach out to me. I work with all kinds of clients but I have extensive experience in supporting expatriates and international families who are dealing with the unique situation of living abroad during and after their divorce, with limited local family support, language barriers and relocation considerations.  Sessions are available in French and/or English.

Services I Offer
  • Expat and international divorce or separation
  • Deciding to divorce or separate
  • Managing the divorce process
  • Life afterwards and co-parenting post divorce

Certified Divorce Coach® (in progress)
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) training
15 years experience managing the people impact of change in large corporations
Managing Change qualification
Introduction to Psychology, Yale University
Fully Accredited Diploma in Relationship Counselling
French Masters in Law

Background Experience
  • Significant experience dealing with the specific challenges of expat divorce: juridiction choice, moving the children back to home country, lack of local family support, ex spouses living in different countries…
  • Personal experience of divorce proceedings in the UK, France and the US
  • First hand experience in amicable and conflictual divorce, long term relationship separation, and co-parenting (including blended families)
  • Extensive understanding of the challenges of expatriate, multi-cultural relationships and international divorces and separations

“I can not thank Chloe enough for her ongoing support throughout the toughest period of my life. Divorcing in a foreign country is not an easy task, especially when you have to deal with complicated law jargon and a procedure that I did not know anything about. I felt like I was moving in the dark. But Chloe’s support and guidance made me more confident to face each step of the journey. Having someone calm and positive by my side truly made a big difference. Thank you Chloe!”

Emilie, London


“Working with Chloe saved me so much time and money trying to figure out how I wanted to proceed with my divorce. Her kindness and high EQ were the cherry on top of the cake!”

Jade, Geneva


“I reached out to Chloe a couple of months after my divorce was finalized. I was so drained and exhausted from the ordeal that I had no idea how to start getting my life together again. Chloe explained that she would be my “thinking partner” as I worked through my options, and she 100% delivered on that promise! I now feel confident about my future and can’t wait to start my new independent life.”

M., Paris


Chloe was a good listener and she really tried to understand what are the important things for me and how to present them with a good strategy. Also she gave me a lot of advice on what to focus on and how to have a long term plan.”

Dipa, London

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