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Christina has dealt personally with 3 very different divorces.  After her last divorce Christina realized she was the only common denominator.  She had been through years of talk therapy but that hadn’t worked.  She went out in search of anything that would “fix her.”  She began to work on her shadow self and through many different modalities was able to heal herself through years of uncovered trauma and abuse.  Altough it was a difficult journey, it also became the foundation of why Sacred Divorce was founded.  She doesn’t want women like her to be lost in the confusion of healing themselves.  She has the keys to set them free of the pain that often happens after divorce.

Christina has  dealt with personally or through her coaching clients issues including high conflict divorce, parallel parenting, parental alienation, addiction, education, sexual abuse, gender and religious issues, co-parenting, parallel parenting and parenting children with ADHD and Autism.

Christina’s calling to serve you and transform your life

Christina is most proud of the clients who she has coached and who have exited their marriages successfuly and transformed their lives to find true and long-lasting happiness within their own lives. She believes that focusing forward will always get us the results we desire.  That love is always the answer and true freedom comes from within yourelf when you learn to accept the present moment, flow and live a life of inegrity. Somtimes it’s hard to see the light at the end of a dark tunnel, but Christina will help you get there.

You too can be free and step happily into your new future.

Services I Offer

1:1 Intuitive Coaching

Chrisina’s intuitive readings are intended to help you dive deep and get clarity around your divorce, life and things holding you back from creating a life you love.  Christina can provide you with intuitive answers and insight on what the future has in store for you while using her certifed divorce coaching skills to ensure the best possible outcome for you.  She will help you identify the key issues, heal and help you transform your life.   She will help you unlock your higher self.

Divine Goddess 3 Month Activation

Are you ready to change your life?  To expand your potential.
To stop putting your heart’s desires on hold. To take your
health and heart into your own hands. We will guide you
and walk with you to find your spiritual home,
where every aspect of you is holy. You will completely transform every area of your life from the inside out over the course of 3 months.



CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
American Montessori Society

Background Experience

Who is Christina?  

Christina Llado is a passionate intuitive divorce coach, educator and a committed advocate for women and their children. After owning 2 successful Montessori schools for 19 years in Miami, FL she sold them and left her 3rd husband all in one week, because she felt she wanted to make more out of life and to make an impact in the world. Although she had no specific plan ahead of her, she knew her life was at a breaking point and and change was imminent. She was going through a mid life crisis.  She just didn’t know it!  She confided in God’s plan for her life and trusted in what turned into the most transformative spiritual journey of her life. She spent 6 years working her shadow self and found the keys  of how to breakthrough divorce.  She remembers going through her own heart break and feels she can’t hold back on this any longer.  She believes that all lies within oneself to make the changes necessary to be happy and that no one can prevent you from living a fulfilling life if you so choose it.

Where has Christina worked before Sacred Divorce?

The 6 year journey took her to work as a Principal, Director, consultant for over 2,000 schools with her own company EduCares Solutions and while at, a company to help parents find the best fit for their child’s education. There she was promoted to lead the Sales team and helped to monetize the company.  During the pandemic Christina opened Montessori Reggio Preparatory as a pod at the request of a parent who had worked with her at an internationally recognized Reggio school in Miami. The pod grew into a small school and she won a nationwide award for Innovation with American Montessori Society. It was closed post pandemic so Christina could focus on her passion of consulting other schools.

How did Christina transform her life post her divorce?

Today she is not only a certified divorce coach, but the founder of EduCares and Soul, Strategy and Sales where she helps mission driven schools, companies, and coaches grow their businesses and reach their highest potential. She is considered an expert in education and in the last 2 years  has spoken at the Florida Association of Early and Young Children’s and Florida Montessori Coalition conferences. She is passionate about changing the conversation around education and childcare. With an 8 year old son who has ADHD and mild Autism she is passionate about neurodiversity and is ready to change the conversation around what education should look like post pandemic across the globe.

Christina has provided professional development for many schools in Montessori, Reggio Emilia and traditional philosophies of education, including The Gordon School, Smart Starts Day School, The Children’s First Preschool and Tiniciti in the Miami area. Christina brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the professions of education business and Divorce Coaching.

What is her formal education?

She received her BBA from Florida International University, her Montessori teaching credential from Montessori Teacher Training Institute and holds a dual Certificate in Leadership and School Management from Harvard’s Graduate Schools of Education and Business. She received her Certified Divrce Coaching certification from CDC Certified Divorce Coach recognized by the International Coaching Federation.


“When I came to Christina my marriage was falling apart and I was considering divorce. I was having issues with my son who has ADHD and Christina was able to coach me through it so that I could return to a place of love with both my husband and son.  She is powerful in what she does and how she does it. I’m very grateful to her for the shifts she has brought into my life.”   Y. Chavez

“After my ex-husband and I split up I wanted to create a new life but didn’t know where to begin.  Dating was a struggle I was not ready to encounter, but I also wanted to “get out there.”  She helped coach me through creating a new revenue stream with an at home business since creating income was at the forefront of my needs.  Christina coached me through my blocks and supported me in helping me figure out what path was truest to me.  I now have a thriving business and have had a boyfriend for 3 years and couldn’t be happier!”   L.C.

“I love the way that Christy takes the time to listen and taps into my strengths and weaknesses that are specific to me.  Most people don’t consider these things and just give advice.  She is able to use her intuition and asks allot of questions to help me find my own answers so that the solutions are what I want.  This is extremely rare to find in anyone. Usually people give advice that may not be right for me.  I’m so grateful to have her help me through my challenges and always come out feeling refreshed after a session.  Thank you Christy!”  Lourdes

“Last year I was going through a hard time, I was not satisfied with my job, It wasn’t aligned with what I wanted to do, it was causing a lot of stress and anxiety. Christy was able to guide me through the process of understanding what I wanted to accomplish and finding the best way out, eventually opening my eyes to see and realize that all the options were right in front of me. I was able to apply to multiple jobs, quit my job and find one that is more aligned with what I want to do. Thank you Christy for not only helping me get through this tough time and finding a solution, but also for being the best listening ears I needed.”  Maria Pacheco

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