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About my Practice

Welcome to Colorado Divorce Coach, part of the CDC Certified Divorce Coach network designed to make your divorce transition more manageable. You will gain an extra dose of strength and confidence by utilizing a person that is passionate and specialized in this field.

My contribution to your team is to be your guide and support as you navigate your career transition of  re-creating, re-starting, re-focusing, re-booting, or re-aligning your career goals and direction.  In the midst of this very difficult time, you may find doing career coaching to be one of the most positive aspects of your dreams “not yet imagined”.

  • Focus on what’s important in your new life and move forward!
  • Identify your dreams and goals for your life
  • Clarify the decisions to be made for your career future
  • Develop better communication skills through understanding your skills, interest, strengths and personality
  • Take on new roles with confidence!
  • Redefine your identity


Services I Offer

Jonne Kraning will help you with your Career Exploration through your Job Search –  from start to finish!

Nationally Certified Myers-Briggs Certified Facilitator; (including specialty trainings on In the Grip and Career Development

Strong Interest Inventory, Certified Facilitator

Strength Quest-Educator, Certified Facilitator

Purposeful Retirement Facilitator

Purposeful Peace, Certified Facilitator

Career Management Coach

Values Based Career Transition

Skill Identification


Life Calling

Mediation Certification- 40 hour program


Masters of Education in Career Counseling (M.ED)
Colorado State University

Certified Divorce Coach

Certified: MBTI, SII, Strength Quest, Purposeful Peace

Professional Memberships

National Career Development Association

Background Experience

After a successful 20+ years and providing over 10,000  career counseling sessions at various universities as a career counselor, assistant director, counselor trainer, and Director of the University of Colorado Career Center, I am still passionate about helping people achieve their career goals, especially for women whose long term marriages are or have ended in divorce!  Adding my expertise of being a Certified Divorce Coach helps me understand and further assist you in this very difficult period of your life.  With my expert career guidance and positive motivation, you may be sharing my life motto of  “the best is yet to come”!  Let’s do this journey together!



Testimonial, June 6, 2019

 Jonne is a breath of fresh air. She is incisive, engaging and upbeat. She made searching for a new Career an exciting discovery for me, a positive process that was all about me, who I am, what I want, what makes me tick and excites me. Jonne asked what gets my juices flowing and what I am interested in, talked about what the various assessments I took revealed about me, discussed who my heroes are and how that connected back to me and what I value in myself and admire in others. Nobody had ever taken the time to ask me those questions, not my spouse, or all the others, who mostly just asked me to do for them, not valuing me as a person.

I was so touched, in the realization that who I am and what interests me matters. Jonne pulled that out of me, challenged me to create a new me, by incorporating skills that were already there, add new ideas I learned about myself in our work together, to create a future picture I can be excited about. She has decades of experience in Career Counseling and Divorce Coaching and with her own experience with Divorce, was able to give the best advice and guidance, not only on my Career path, but other resources around finances and other professionals that can help with the Divorce process. I found her to be invaluable.


I’m more confident than ever and after having gone “down the rabbit hole” in my many conversations with Jonne and all the extensive resources she provided me, I was able to come up with a top 5 list of careers that I can really be excited about, which I eventually, through research culled down to one. I really feel confident that Jonne’s experienced and educated approach to Career Counseling has allowed me to make a sound decision about my next Career path in Architecture. It was all about finding me again! I will be forever grateful to Jonne.



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