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“Courage is more exhilarating than fear and in the long run it is easier”. – Eleanor Roosevelt

I am your strategic thinking partner through a challenging time. As your divorce wellness, transition, and recovery coach, I provide the professional support you need to courageously be at your best when your world is at its worst. I specialize in providing motivational and personal development support for women who are considering or are engaged in a divorce process or who want support to move from the post-decree transition into thriving in the next chapter of their lives.

Women-At-Their-Best™ Divorce Wellness Coaching Program:

  • facilitates clarity of a compelling sense of purpose
  • clarifies your top values so you can bring your best
  • improves self-awareness and emotional self-care
  • busts overwhelm and isolation with a felt-sense of social support
  • evokes the courage and grit to take action toward your short- and long-term goals
  • strengthens self-confidence and sense of hope
  • enhances ability to listen and negotiate effectively to de-escalate conflict
  • activates your growth mindset giving you access to the resilient pivot

Divorce is a life change that can trigger overwhelm, survival fears, a sense of loss, the pain of betrayal, and a need to adapt to an unexpected or unwanted reality. Every divorce will include some level of conflict, many escalate to high conflict.

I am committed to helping my clients avoid and de-escalate high-conflict behavior. When you decrease the drama, you reduce the trauma and, in turn, stand a greater chance of avoiding a lengthy and costly divorce process.

You…at your best when it matters the most. Women-At-Their-Best™ Divorce Wellness Coaching Program utilizes a strengths-based approach to weathering the storm of divorce. We partner to organize and successfully manage activities like gathering required documents, preparing for divorce-specific meetings, considering co-parenting plans, and communicating effectively and credibly with your spouse and other divorce professionals (judges, attorneys, mediators, certified divorce financial planners, therapists, parent coordinators, real estate professionals, etc.).

Imagine, how more effective you could be if you felt….

Composed – Well-Prepared  – Organized – Clear-Headed – Open-Minded – Focused – Resilient

Whether you are initiating, collaborating, or feeling blindsided by the divorce process, our work together will help you persevere and become a credible advocate for your needs and interests. This will enhance your effectiveness and the efficiency of your mediated negotiations, meetings with legal and financial professionals, and conversations with an adversarial spouse.

If you’ve decided that divorce is the only liberating path to wellness, I would be honored to assist you in transforming the pain of divorce into a journey of self-discovery, self-determination, and self-empowerment.

Services I Offer



Contact CoachDeb for complimentary chat to ask initial questions and learn how a consultation-to-coach might benefit you. Healthy Lifestyle, Thriving Relationships, and Divorce Wellness, Transition, and Recovery


Divorce Wellness Coaching Consultation (In-person in Reno, NV or 45 min. Zoom Session) An opportunity to share where you are and where you want to be with CoachDeb. Get answers about how coaching and WATB program can help you achieve wellness throughout a challenging time, make better decisions, and negotiate effectively so you can thrive in the next chapter of your life.

Coaching Services 1:1

Women-At-Their-Best™ Divorce Wellness Coaching 12-Pack (Weekly OR Bi-Weekly 60 min. Zoom Sessions with additional support between sessions) Early Stage Divorce Consideration – Divorce Process Engagement – Post-Decree Transition and Divorce Recovery

WellBeing-At-Work™ Career Coaching Series (Weekly and Bi-Weekly 60 min. Zoom Sessions) For women who seek to improve their experience of work as aligned with their values, full of meaning and purpose, and as an avenue to contribute their top talent strengths. Career change, return to work, launch a new business, or the need to advocate more effectively for equal pay or equity within a gender-bias work environment are goals that can be realized through personal development coaching. Whatever path you’ve chosen, CoachDeb is dedicated to supporting you to effectively advocate for what you want and successfully negotiate for more than you’re offered.

Developing a greater sense of agency involves knowing your worth unfettered by the cultural inclination to play small, take what is offered, or minimize who you are and what you contribute. CoachDeb will assist you in boldly and unapologetically claim your brilliance including your strengths, your growing edge goals, your top values, and your compelling sense of purpose in life.

Women-At-Their-Best™ Transition-to-Thrive Monthly Coaching (only available to clients who’ve completed a weekly/bi-weekly series) Client’s choice: 60 minute or 90 minute sessions. CAREER – DIVORCE RECOVERY – HEALTHY LIFESTYLE (fitness, general health, improved relationships)


Gallup CliftonStrengths34 Assessment Coaching 3-Session Series (60 min. Zoom Sessions)

Gallup CliftonStrengths34 coaching includes how to name, claim, develop, and aim your talent strengths, developing balance in how you use them, and communicating with others about your strengths. Sessions focus on the assessment report so women can more effectively lean into their unique combination of talents more effectively at work and in their lives. When we know our strengths we can more effectively advocate for opportunities that call for them. In addition, we learn to appreciate the complimentary talents that others bring to shared projects, teamwork, and within our own families.

Option 1: Available to women who HAVE NOT taken the 30-minute CS34 assessment. Clients begin with receiving a discounted online code to take the assessment.

Option 2: Available to women who HAVE taken the 30-minute CS34 assessment. Client provides assessment report to CoachDeb.

Women-At-Their-Best Individual Values & Visioning Session (Single 80 min. Zoom Sessions)

This is a powerful, focused session that illuminates your top values and your current vision for your future. Many clients prefer to be guided through a process to uncover their core values, life purpose, and their vision of life going forward. This session has a strong impact on the depth of your conversations with CoachDeb.

(Available After Completing any Individual Coaching Series)

Women-At-Their-Best™ Small Group Post-Decree Thrive Coaching Series (2-hour virtual sessions, limited to 4 participants who’ve completed 1:1 coaching series)

Women-At-Their-Best™ Small Group Values & Visioning Series (2-hour virtual sessions, limited to 4 participants who’ve completed 1:1 coaching series)


CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC)
Gallup Certified Strengths Coach (Talent-Strength Assessment and Development)
Arbinger Institute’s Choice-in-Coaching Certification (Relationship Conflict Resolution)
Non-Violent Communication (Compassionate Communication)
Restorative Community Circle Facilitator Certificate Training
RealLove Relationship Coach Certification

Professional Memberships

International Coach Federation (ICF)
American Association of University Women (AAUW)
PBS Reno

Background Experience

National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach since 2017

Arbinger Institute’s Choice In Coaching Conflict Resolution Choice Training Aug 2017

Guiding Mindful Change Coach since 2012

500+ Hour Mindfulness, Meditation, and Yoga Instructor, Studio Owner, Prenatal Yoga Teacher Trainer, College Instructor, Program Director for Bodhi Baby Yoga Prenatal & Postpartum Yoga & Mediation for Women and Couples

Previous Work Experience in Healthcare Systems Customer Training, Non-Profit Council Leadership, Conference Planning and Production, Secondary School Staff and Student Art Instruction, Private School Administration, Retail Sales and Management

MS Leadership
Specializing in Servant and Shared Leadership; Consensus Building; Critical Thinking and Decision-Making Principles; Co-Active Leadership

BA Communication Studies
Lifelong student of healthy relationships and effective communication

Women-At-Their-Best™ Coaching – Forging A New Path
I worked with Deb individually to address areas where I felt stuck, such as confidence, intimacy, and financial health. By sharing these vulnerable experiences with Deb, I could see how I have held myself back and continue to undervalue myself. Shining the light on hidden beliefs helped me question whether I’d like to continue living in that space (the answer being NO!) and that motivated me to challenge myself to forge a new path. I am very pleased to see all the changes that have unfolded in my life as I’ve embraced new beliefs about my talents, worth, and value! – D.M. (Arizona, USA 2018)
Women-At-Their-Best™ Coaching – Entrepreneurial Motivation
Deb is a wonderful coach! She is a great listener and asks wonderful questions. She helps keep me on track when I go off on rabbit trails. She’s warm and authentic and caring. I’d say something almost off the cuff and she would hone in on it, and it would be an insightful exploration. We only had 30-minute sessions but they were full of value. – A. G. (New York, USA 2022)
Women-At-Their-Best™ Coaching – Relationship Conflict Resolution
Mostly, what I took out of working with Deb is that things are not unworkable. Issues usually arise out of not understanding oneself and one’s needs, and delving deeper and asking for assistance in those deeper questions can lead to significant shifts. Learning basic to advanced conflict resolution is also an incredible asset to any struggling couple. You just have to have the drive to do the work! Every day I am learning how to be there for my significant other and he is learning how to ask, so I don’t feel like I’m in the dark trying to figure him out all the time. We grew tremendously during our time with Deb and she was insightful, articulate, and kind in our process. Invaluable coaching! – D.M. (Arizona, USA 2018)
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Join CoachDeb for a journey of self-discovery, self-determination, and self-empowerment. Women-At-Their-Best Divorce Wellness Coaching services offer a comprehensive support to organize and prepare meetings with siloed experts in the legal and financial aspects of what is know as the business of divorce. Address your self-care and emotional needs, identify concerns, options, resources, interests, and prioritize desired outcomes. 

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