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CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
CDC Certified Divorce Coach®, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®, Mediator, Author "High Conflict Divorce for Women", Pastoral Counselor
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If only life could be easy, right?

But it never seems to go that way and sometimes sh*t goes really sideways. If you’re living in a miserable marriage, found out your partner cheated or has a porn problem, are going through a divorce or struggling with financial issues … you’re facing big challenges and big decisions.

I work with clients to help them navigate this hard stuff with confidence and clarity. Because I have both personal experience and professional training, I’ll guide and support you to turn this challenge into an opportunity to change your life for the better. New skills, new confidence, and a fresh perspective on the future are just a few of the benefits of working with me.

I work with clients in all phases of the divorce process and specialize in helping women who have been stay-at-home moms go from being dependent and afraid to confident and self-sufficient. I also have expertise in the area of betrayal trauma recovery and assist clients in focusing on safety and self-care while they decide if their marriage is repairable.

All coaching is personal and custom because your life isn’t like anyone else’s so no pre-packaged program can give you what you need!

Services I Offer
  • Stay Wait or Go: Help for the Hardest Decision
  • Betrayal Trauma Recovery: Staying Safe, Setting Boundaries, and What Recovery Looks Like
  • Divorce Coaching: Expert Guidance to Stay Sane and Save $$
  • Know Your Numbers: Understand What You Have, What You Need, And What To Do Next
  • Life Transition Coaching: Make Your Next Move Your Best Move
  • OUTSPOKEN Group Coaching: Learn to Speak Up and Say What You Mean

CDC Certified Divorce Coach
Certified Divorce Financial Analyst
Family Court Mediator
Pastoral Counselor
Certified Abuse Specialist (in process)

Professional Memberships

Certified Divorce Coach
Institute of Divorce Financial Analysts

Background Experience

I stayed for years thinking that somehow, someday things would magically improve. I knew my marriage was in deep trouble but had no idea what was at the core of the problems and I couldn’t fix them.

I was afraid. I worried about my kids, money, how I’d support myself, what friends and family would think.

And then, once I finally decided to leave, I made my divorce harder and more expensive than it had to be…


But now I’m prepared to help you.

If I were you, I’d want to know that the person I’m working with had the right training and experience to help me sort through these life-changing decisions. I’ve made all the hard decisions you’re facing, have done the hard work to recover, and have gotten the best training and education so I can offer you professional support.

  • I’ve been through 2 divorces and have been a single parent, co-parent, and a blended family (Yea, it was a lot!)
  • I’m both a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® and a Certified Divorce Financial Analysts® (that’s why I have those cool letters after my name)
  • I’m an Ohio Supreme Court trained family and divorce mediator
  • I’m a pastoral counselor certified through the Growth Institute
  • I’m also a coach who is committed to saving marriages when possible (I understand betrayal trauma and what you need to feel safe)
  • I’m prepared to guide you through the emotional, legal and financial aspects of divorce (I even own a super nerdy financial calculator)
  • I’m the author of High-Conflict Divorce for Women: Your Guide to Coping Skills and Legal Strategies for All Stages of Divorce

As a licensed mental health professional counselor I highly recommend Debra to clients considering separation and/or divorce. For as long as I have known Debra I have trusted her character and refer clients to her often. She is highly educated, trained, and experienced to assist in the most difficult of circumstances and decisions that surround divorce and/or separation. Debra is a much-needed voice of reason and a guiding light in the darkest of times. I have no doubt that you will find her a valuable asset as you prepare for life beyond divorce and separation.

Cassie Kingan, MA, LPC


I contacted Debra because I have been separated for over a year, but just couldn’t seem to move forward on my divorce. Debra really helped me dig into the financial fears that were holding me back and keeping me paralyzed. I finally feel at peace and am able to take the steps I need to. Her ability to explain financial concepts in terms I could grasp helped calm my fears with knowledge. I’m continuing to work with her to develop my post-divorce budget and goals for my new life.

Laurie M.


Working with Debra was just what I needed to make the post-divorce career change I had been putting off. She calmed my sense of overwhelm, helped me clarify my goals, and then walked with me step by step until I accomplished what I set out to do. Not only am I about to double my income, but I feel confident and secure about my financial future. Debra makes you feel completely supported, but make no mistake, she is also a powerful accountability partner for those who want to get things done.

Julia H.

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