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Getting unmarried is an overwhelming, time-consuming, emotionally exhausting and detail oriented process. As much effort goes into getting unmarried as went in to tying the knot in the first place. So if you were the type to hire a wedding planner or enlist a team of friends and family to help you pull off the big event, it’s not a stretch to think you’d want a Divorce Coach to help you at the end of that journey.

As a Professionally Certified Divorce & Career Transition Coach, I help manage and support you by bringing a different and more affordable set of skills to the divorce process. I am your advocate and will work with you along side your legal team. My role is to help you focus and gain control of this incredibly tough time. I will assist with all things divorce from deciding whether it’s even the right thing to do, to choosing the right legal professionals to fit your needs, to assisting with organizing your paper work, and even to helping you establish better parenting communication. I will also help you get ready to re-enter the work force or pivot your current career as you proceed on your journey to REDEFINING your new life!

The level of support is customizable based on your needs and wants while focusing on being informated, prepared and bringing your best self to the process.

Divorce can be an incredibly costly process. The goal of working with me is to save you money, guide you in finding clarity about what you want and need, and helping you become a credible client for your legal team. Together we will get you on the other side of divorce with a renewed sense of empowerment and confidence.  My job is to create a comfortable, confidential, safe, and nonjudgemental partnership that you can lean on. My personal experience of divide really made me passionate about helping others through their process: emotionally, mentally and financially. Divorce made me well versed in how to help, support and guide you away from making painful, expensive and emotionally damaging mistakes to both yourself and your children that can easily happen without proper guidance.

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As a single mother of two children under twelve and 24 years in the field of Education, my own divorce provided me an opportunity to explore a new path. After starting a separate Academic Coaching & Educational Consulting business during the throws of my divorce, I found it critical for my peace of mind to find a way to become financially independent in a time when I was very uncertain of what my financial future would look like. Going through divorce myself was an incredibly difficult, overwhelming and emotionally taxing experience. Yet at the same time, I learned so much along the way and met many incredible people on my journey who contributed so positively to my experience that I felt a great need to learn how I could help others going through divorce find their own empowering path like I did.

As a Professionally Certified Divorce Coach and Career Transition Coach, graduate of the CDC Intensive Certified Divorce Training Program and the CHCC Chartered Career Coaching Program, member of the American Bar Association and currently completing my coursework in Family Mediation, I work to help give my clients a sense of control during a particularly raw time when one feels like their life is coming apart at the seams. I offer a kinder, more equitable, yet focussed approach with the intention of helping you get to a place that is right for you. With all that is at stake, individuals about to separate or divorce want an affordable advocate who will look out for their short and long term interests. I help individuals change the experience of divorce and REDFINE themselves for their new life ahead!

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