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Are you or someone you know thinking about divorce, going through or coming out of divorce, please get in touch for a confidential, complimentary discovery session where we can discuss your needs and put together a comprehensive plan. I specialise, though not exclusively, in working with women over 50. This is the fastest growing group filing for and going through divorce. I was divorced myself at 50 after 25 years of what I thought was a perfect marriage. Having been through this I can empathise with your position not only of the divorce, but also facing menopause, empty nest syndrome, aging parents, perhaps having to start looking for a new career to improve your future prospects. I went from breakup to breakthrough without a breakdown and I can walk you through the journey step by step. I am living proof that there is a great life after divorce even for silver splitters. I really found my true self after my divorce and love the person I found. I’d love to help you along the journey from making the decision to make up or breakup right through to finding your wings to fly solo and beyond. I found love again and so can you.

Services I Offer

Marriage Makeover Mastermind – an online course to help you make an informed decision to live or leave with compassion

7 steps to become an incredible divorce client – a mix of one to one coaching and online workbooks to help you navigate the business of divorce

FRESH start programme – Divorce Recovery Coaching – one to one coaching and membership programme to Find your passion and purpose, Recover resilience, Engage emotions, Supercharge self esteem and build Holistic Health and Wellness practices

Divorce Party organisation

Couples Passion Mapping for when you’re ready to start planning your new relationship


BA Psychology (Open University)

PhD Psychology (University of Manchester)

MBA (Open University

Chartered Psychologist (British Psychological Society)

CDC Certified Divorce Coach

CDC Certified Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach

Certified and Master Health and Wellness Coach (IAWP)

Accredited DiSC profiler

Passion Mapping Professional

Certified Harmonizing Wellbeing Coach

Master NLP coach

Master Emotional Intelligence Coach

Personal and Executive Coac

Professional Memberships

British Psychological Society (C.Psychol and AFBPsS)
Chartered Management Institute (FCMI)
Chartered Scientist (C.Sci)

Background Experience

After my divorce I started work for the first time in 20 years as a junior lecturer. Within 5 years I had been promoted several times to become a senior manager in a large UK University. I’d had no formal management training so I completed an MBA and a personal and executive coaching qualification. Rather than manage, I coached. As I began preparing for my retirement I knew I wanted to coach but wanted to niche down. I completed the Health and Wellness qualifications but wanted to niche down further. I was told Id make a great Divorce Coach so, rather than just rely on my own experience. I completed the CDC Certified Divorce Coach programme, and now I mentor trainee coaches.

I have been working with women going through divorce for several years now, and love watching the transformations of my clients from nervous scared individuals to strong, self assured, confident women ready to create their new exciting lives. Many of my clients have gone on to achieve incredible successes in their careers, starting new businesses, even finding love, something they never thought would happen. I offer clients embarking on a new relationship, a special couple’s passion mapping programme to ensure they plan the marriage not just the wedding.

I am currently writing a book and have a great new podcast, Heart to Heart with the Divorce Doctor and Friends where I talk to professionals involved in divorce about their roles. I’ve interviewed a lifestyle financial planner, the founder of My Resilient Family, the founder of Harmonizing Lifestyle, The CEO of the Parent Coaching Academy, a divorce coach specialising in co-parenting, a divorce coach specialising in divorce in Asian and arranged marriages, a family lawyer who’s written about co-parenting with a child with special educational needs and disability with others in the pipeline.

I also give motivational talks to a rage of organisations to help them to help employees going through life transitions including divorce.


When I first met Sue I spent the first half hour snotty crying, full of remorse and guilt. Even by the end of the first session, I knew Sue was going to be a miracle worker. With her help I negotiated a better financial settlement in our DIY Divorce, I found and bought a beautiful new home for my daughter and I, and, after completing a passion mapping course as an added bonus, I knew exactly where my future lay. Now two years on, I’m happier than I’ve ever been, had two promotions at work, and Ive found someone I’d love to share my life with. I can’t thank Sue enough.’ SB Yorkshire UK

I met Sue when she was presenting at the UK’s first divorce fair in London. We hit it off straight away. I am nearly 70 and was going through a high conflict divorce. Sue helped me to ask the right questions and get the right paperwork together for my Form E financial declaration. She saved me so much time and money in preparing me for the business of divorce. Now I’m out the other end, I’m settled in a lovely cottage in the same village as my son and for the first time in years I’m actually enjoying life.’ AS-R Shropshire UK

I got in touch with Sue because my marriage was falling to pieces around my ears. I’d been going to counselling for the past 18 months for OCD but I didn’t feel I was getting anywhere. Within 3 sessions I felt like a new man. My wife saw a huge difference in me and my colleagues at work did too. I became much more relaxed and reasonable. My new behaviour rubbed off on the kids who also benefitted indirectly. I moved back home after the first month and now 6 months on we are planning the first family holiday for years. Sue literally saved my marriage. She’s not just a Divorce Coach, she a Divorce prevention coach.’  Mike, Manchester UK

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