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How do I help? We explore.

Have I been there? Yes. I didn’t realize the amount of split-second decisions that needed to be made that affected not only my life but that of a little child. Divorce is a traumatic event and it purges responses (such as fight, flight, freeze and fawn) which, if not realized, can break even the strongest soul. Understanding more options than what is presented to you allows you to be empowered to best navigate the “Business of Divorce”.

Although I don’t know “all the answers” – I know how to guide you to discover your answers.

Services I Offer

Discovery Session

New Clients can schedule a discovery session to see what Divorce Coaching entails via Video Call (1 hour).

Individual Session Packages

One-on-one Coaching allows for client specific situations to be prioritized and explored. We dive into the details of your situation with action items to realize how to determine your next steps.

*Prepare for Discovery with Attorney / Legal Advisor, Prepare for Mediation – creating strategies for negotiations, Define criteria for co-parenting boundaries, etc.

Group Session Packages

Group Sessions allow a confidential and safe place to work with other individuals who are going through similar experiences. Each client brings one question to explore with the coach while working with the group members to either just listen, take notes and/or share via Video Call.

Groups will have a maximum limit of clients per session (up to 4 clients each group session).

If / when you have a requested group of members, please contact me for select scheduling options to ensure your group can be together.

Group Packages are bundled with One-on-One Session Packages.

*All clients will acknowledge and sign a confidentiality form with a non-disclosure agreement, respectfully.

Pro-Bono / Subsidy Package

Understanding a difficult time with potentially limiting finances, we can work together to make a difference for you. Please send a message with your situation and requests to allow for consideration, so no one is standing alone in their struggle. The selection process for pro-bono and subsidy is based on the applicants needs and our ability to make a difference in a client’s life.


CDC Certified Divorce Coach®

Professional Memberships

Texas Mediation Association
Texas Association of Mediators

Background Experience

After over 20 years of professional experience, I founded B2B Strategic Results to help individuals make their life decisions with a business approach. By listening and exploring what you want, we can set a plan to action! Specializing in sales strategies and divorce process, which I have experienced may last years . . .

I am a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® trained to explore the narrative, listen to your stories, and talk through ways to drill down into what you truly want . . .

In realizing the “business of divorce”, I apply my corporate experience along with my Masters in Business Administration (MBA) to strategically approach your scenario while being your best self!




Post Divorcee for Modifications of Orders – Dallas, Texas

“At the beginning of my child support negotiations, I felt anxious, intimidated and powerless, as my ex-wife had remarried to a Family Law attorney.

Once I consulted with Elissa, I immediately felt safe and at ease with her tactics and technique in approaching negotiation. Her innovation and experience gave me bargaining power!

I was able to avoid mediation and court. My ex and I resolved our differences and agreed to our own shared expenses without the oversight of a judge. I strongly recommend hiring Elissa Dougherty as your Divorce Coach. Her expertise will guide you to a winning edge!”


Divorcee & Business Owner – New Braunfels, Texas

“Elissa is an unbelievable resource to have on your side when you are navigating any of life’s many challenges.

I have not only been going through a long divorce but also changed career positions in the middle of it. Elissa has helped me to gain my self confidence back and know how strong I truly am. She laughed with me, cried with me and had to administer some tough love. Elissa has most likely been through whatever struggles that you are going through and truly cares about helping you become your best self.

The time that I spend with her was invaluable. Her knowledge is such a great asset for whatever resolution you are searching for!”

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