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CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
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As someone who has walked the path of divorce, I understand the overwhelming emotions and challenges it brings—especially when family is involved. Throughout my own journey, I encountered incredible legal support, but I also recognized a critical gap in emotional guidance.

Navigating divorce isn’t just about paperwork and courtrooms; it’s about emotions, fears, and finding strength amidst uncertainty. That’s why I’m here—to fill that gap and offer the support I wished I had during the toughest parts of my divorce.

Services I Offer

Pre-Divorce Coaching

Family/Co-parenting Coaching

Divorce Process/Recovery/Rebuilding Coaching


CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
MA in Counseling Psychology
MA in School Counseling

Background Experience

I have multiple degrees in the Psychology field.  For the past 7 years I have been working with/in middle schools in the Twin Cities in various roles but currently work as a School Based Therapist.  I owned/ran a business with my ex-husband for 10 years.  My personal experience with Divorce has been one of high conflict with many ongoing family court hearings.


Erica has been amazing throughout my divorce. She spends quality time listening, provides expert guidance and has reduced costs during my divorce. Thank you Erica!

“Navigating divorce can be a terrifying proposition. With Erica‘s guidance, I was better prepared to face the legal and emotional challenges to reach the best resolution for me and my children. Her experience, wisdom, and empathy were invaluable throughout the process. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”


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First sessions are always complimentary as I want my clients to make sure I am the right coach for them. From there I offer various packages to fit my client’s needs at that time.

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