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After blindly going through a divorce of my own at a young age and watching others suffer through theirs, I felt compelled to help navigate this uncharted territory. Of course there are lawyers, therapists and well meaning family members but separation and divorce are uniquely personal and different for each person. The often intimidating process is scary and stressful. I provide highly confidential Separation and Divorce Coaching so my clients can focus on the emotional well being of themselves and their children. My hope is my clients will move forward in their lives with dignity and the best financial picture possible. My goal is to reduce the overall cost of divorce through my training, research and professional contacts.


CDC Certified Divorce Coach

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Mortgage banking, coffee shop owner, ceramicist, mother, real estate investor.


Katie helped me through my divorce in 2019. She was so helpful. She knew all the right questions to ask the lawyer and she helped me get all that I deserved. I couldn’t have gotten through it without her. I highly recommend her. ~Sue H.

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We talk in person, by phone or through video to discover where you are and how I can meet you there.  You might be toggling between starting the divorce process or trying another step to salvage your marriage. You may have just been blind-sided by being asked for a divorce. You may be well into the divorce process and feel like the process has come to a screeching halt.




We talk confidentially and respectfully. No judgement. I’ve been there and I know how it feels.

From there we determine what a coaching relationship might look like based on your unique story.



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