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Heather has the experience, insight and knowledge to help you find clarity and courage:

*Bachelor of Education.  Elementary school teacher from 1991-1997

*Left 20 year marriage in 2014, after 18 years as a stay-at-home-mom to 7 children.

*4 children through birth, 3 children through international, older child adoption.

*Co-parenting adult and young children since 2014

*Manager of personal real estate properties since 2002,  Edmonton Real Estate Market.

*Short term foster mom, for Alberta Government, to newborn infants.

Heather’s passion is helping you find your way through the complex divorce and co-parenting process.  She makes it a priority to be available to you during this difficult time.  Heather has experienced the helplessness and cloudiness of separation, divorce and co-parenting and completed her certification for the sole purpose of walking her clients “through the maze” to clarity and courage.

The business of divorce.  The emotion of divorce.  The questions of divorce….. all side of the complex experience.  Heather Blake is your thinking partner and supporter, as you navigate your way to a new, strong, happy life.


Services I Offer

Confidential, patient support by telephone, text, email and facetime.


Services available worldwide via WhatsApp and Facetime.

Specializing in minute-by-minute support during the courtroom processes via text.

Heather is open to creative forms of payment, if confidentiality is a concern.  She wants to make sure her services are available to women experiencing a controlling marriage.

“There is a way through this.  We will find it together.”


CDC Certified Divorce Coach
CDC Certified Transition and Recovery Coach
Alberta Permanent Teaching Certificate
Certified Divorce Doula
Bachelor of Education, University of Alberta

Professional Memberships

CDC continuing education
Community membership, Edmonton

Background Experience

Heather was a child of divorce in the 1970’s; a time when divorce was a rarity.  She has the unique perspective of coming from a divorced family from the age of six.  She was determined not to divorce, as she knows what it was like for the children.  Unfortunately, after being an at-home-mom to 7 children and 23 years of marriage, Heather found herself in the fog of divorce and co-parenting.

It was that experience that brought Heather to divorce coaching.

She was overwhelmed, afraid, uninformed and feeling weak. She made many mistakes that she learned so much from.  She saw the “gap” and told herself that she would learn and grow, and help people just like her.  She became educated on how to coach people through their decisions regarding marriage, separation, divorce and co-parenting.

Heather is thrilled to have completed her CDC certification, to add to her certification as a Divorce Doula, and her Bachelor of Education.  It is so exciting for her to be teaching adults, and supporting them as they work through the thinking and action process.

Heather prides herself on being available last minute to her clients, and working with their schedules to help them know they are the leaders.  The process makes clients WAIT, and Heather is here to help with the details, emotions, and “spinnning” that is divorce.

Heather is sending you courage and clarity, as you navigate your way. 



“Mandy” (high conflict divorce with children):

“Heather Blake has a unique ability to find the calm within the storm of divorce, when panic and anxiety set in within the court proceedings.  Based on the information she gathered, I found that she brought clarity to the successes I had, when I couldn’t see them for myself, as I was too close to the situation.  She has the real life experience I needed.  Although she is compassionate, she is also able to constructively and respectfully guide through thought patterns that would be detrimental in the long run.  I consider her a strong support who has integrity, is able to share in my journey, and who celebrates the positive outcomes that I acheived.”


“Patty” (protecting children during separation)

“Heather is someone you can trust, who has a wealth of experience in what you are going through.  She has helped me strategically navigate the financial, emotional, and psychological challenges of separation.   She understood and had compassion for my whole family. Heather is the calm rational center in the divorce storm.”


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