Jan Maxwell
CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
CDC certified Divorce and Recovery Coach, IPEC Life Transitions, CORE Leadership, ELI COACH; ICF Trauma-informed Divorce and Recovery
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I am a certified, trauma-informed Life Transitions coach specializing in Divorce and Recovery, Pre- mediation Prep, Court Evaluation Prep, Co-parenting/parallel parenting arrangements, and  Intimate Partner Violence Recovery

Services I Offer

All stages of Divorce and Recovery, Intimate Partner Violence Divorce and Recovery, Prep for Court and Parenting Evaluations, Co-parent and Parallel Parenting Arrangements, Pre-Mediation, Conscious Decision-Making, and showing up as your ‘best self.’


I am an ICF accredited coach
CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
CDC Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach®;
Intimate Partner Violence (state of Conn);
Life Transitions, CORE Leadership, Wellness, AND ELI Assessment (IPEC)

Professional Memberships

International Coaching Federation, American Bar Association Alternate Dispute Resolution, Montgomery County Bar Association pro bono COACH, AFCC,NACDV, Jewish Women International

Background Experience

I am trained as a Victim Advocate by a recognized Health and Human Services program, where I practiced Victim Advocacy for ten years. From then on, I have practiced as a trauma-informed ICF, CDC and IPEC certified Life Transitions Coach specializing in divorce and recovery, intimate partner violence recovery, court evaluation and mediation preparation, and co-parenting/parallel parenting family reorganization.


Jan is a very capable  and caring
Divorce Coach. Her ability to make someone feel safe and secure is what I got to experience. Jan has a very curious and intuitive approach which is so powerful in a coaching session.

I would recommend Jan as a Divorce Coach if you are looking to get support and guidance through the journey of divorce and transition .


Jan is not only an incredibly competent and caring coach but an amazing resource to her clients.  She goes beyond the call of duty seeking out resources from her wide array of professional connections–and if she doesn’t have someone in mind, she will seek out a positive referral to put you in touch with.  Jan is a credit to the coaching profession and to all those she serves. She is highly respected in the coaching community.  She can help you prepare your mind and presence to show up the way you need to in life.

-Mediator Mikki

Certified Transformative Mediator, Coach & Divorce Financial Analyst


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