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Going through a divorce is not easy. I’m Jigna, a Certified Divorce Coach®, and I know how overwhelming it can feel to navigate it alone. Having been through it myself, so I get how isolating and scary it can be. That’s why my goal is to provide you with empathy, tools, and compassion to help you move forward with confidence and clarity.

As an immigrant, woman of color, and divorced parent, I bring a unique perspective to coaching. I’m passionate about mindfulness and self-compassion and can help you develop those skills to approach your divorce with kindness and intention. No matter where you are in the process, I’m here to help you cultivate resilience and envision a brighter future.



CDC Certified Divorce Coach®


“I met Jigna when I was preparing for my divorce. I was scared, overwhelmed and still grieving. I had millions of questions from picking my lawyer to communicating divorce to my partner. Jigna was there every single step of the way. 

Nothing is more powerful and inspiring than seeing someone who has come out beautifully from her life experiences to give support to other women. 

Thank you, Jigna, for being my pillar during my journey of transformation!”

– Catherine C.

“Meeting Jigna immediately solidified two things for me in my divorce journey ahead: the safe harbor of talking to someone whose shared experience of marriage dissolution gave me direction and hope as I was starting out, and recognition for the exponential value of a warm hand off to the diverse resources that I was unaware of […] To this day I credit Jigna for starting me on the appropriate path for my own divorce, and am so grateful for her early intervention.”

– Bryony A.

“Jigna has a deep understanding of how divorce brings up every painful and confusing human emotion.  Moreover, she knows how to support you through the storm […]Jigna has the gift of knowing how to respond carefully without reacting, which is a calming force when emotions are running high.  Jigna’s disarming and healing disposition no doubt gave me the peace and perspective I needed to see me through the most tumultuous times of my life.”

– S. S.


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