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“Be of good cheer, because why be bad” S. Lem
Hello, I am Joanna.
I am a professional coach from Kozminski University in Warsaw and the first Certified Divorce Coach (CDC) in Poland. My education is complemented by my studies at the LeaderSHE Women’s Leadership Academy and Elite Leadership Program, where I had the pleasure of personal mentoring from renowned coach Marshall Goldsmith.
With a master’s degree from the Krakow University of Economics and almost 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, I started my coaching practice in 2014. I base my values on the principles of corporate social responsibility, which translated into establishing a foundation to support women and children in 2015.
My personal experience of raising children, running a business, teaching and divorce has taught me that the value of fighting for yourself and your loved ones is priceless. All of this makes me uniquely qualified and experienced to serve others on their path to finding power and balance in life.

Joanna Solarska

Services I Offer

Services I Offer
One-on-One Coaching
Mentor Coaching for Entrepreneurs
Support Group
Group Coaching
Women’s Leadership Coaching
Equality Coaching


-CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
-Business Psychology for Managers
Kozminski University – Postgraduate
-Professional Coaching – Methods and
Practice; Course accredited by IC and EIA
EMCC Kozminski University – Postgraduate
-LiderSHE Women’s Leadership
Academy Kozminski University – Postgraduate
-Elite Leadership Program 2016
Harvard Business Review Polska /
ICAN Institute 2016 Annual high-level
management improvement program:
effective leadership, modern tools for
strategy building, designing value
propositions, and managing customer
-The Coaching Fundamentals
Certificate Confirmed coaching
knowledge and skills according to
rigorous standards; qualifications as a
Noble Manhattan Certified Coach and
by the IIC & M International Institute
of Coaching and Mentoring

Background Experience

VITA NOVA Joanna Solarska / Owner
As the first Certified Divorce Coach in
Poland, I conduct divorce mentoring and
coaching sessions. I also focus on women’s
leadership and equality coaching. I lead
workshops and lectures.
Mrs. Rosa Foundation / founder
I provide professional psychological
consultations, including coaching and
mentoring sessions. I advise on
entrepreneurship and leadership. I
organize and conduct developmental and
activating trainings.
PRIMARENT Joanna Solarska-Kusz / Owner
I managed a portfolio of my own properties.
I analyzed and executed investments in the
real estate sector, ensuring the maximization
of the return on investment. I collaborated
with real estate advisors to identify and
acquire attractive investments in the real
estate market.


“When you’re struggling with a life challenge a difficult as divorce, it’s important to surround yourself with the right people who can help you get through the process with as little loss as possible. I was fortunate to have Joanna Solarska on my path, whose support as a divorce coach proved invaluable.

Joanna not only provided practical tools and strategies, but was also a source of tremendous support. She made me realise that during a divorce we need much more than a lawyer – we need someone to help us sort out our emotions and our vision for the future.

I would highly recommend Joanna to anyone going through the difficulties of divorce. And above all, I would like to pass on one important piece of advice – if you are struggling with divorce, don’t be afraid to use the services of professionals. It is an investment in your future happiness and peace of mind.”

Piotr Dyduch, Lublin, Poland

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