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CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
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Licensed as an attorney, Julia has primarily dedicated herself to motherhood for over two decades, raising four children. Enduring her own high-conflict, high-asset divorce from an abusive relationship, she recognized the need for support during such tumultuous times. This realization led her to become a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®.

In her capacity as a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®, Julia assists clients throughout various stages of divorce. Whether they are contemplating the decision, in the midst of proceedings, or adjusting post-divorce, she guides them towards creating a plan to achieve their desired outcomes. Serving as a thinking partner, she helps clients comprehend the legal, financial, emotional, and social aspects of divorce, empowering them to navigate the process effectively and embark on a path toward a fulfilling future.

Julia is also a co-host of the non-profit Second Saturday® Divorce Workshops.

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Relational disintegration goes slowly… until it goes quickly.

The biggest mistake people make is waiting too long to be prepared.  And I understand it.  We are often in denial that our relationship is terminal.  I hate that the hope and joy of marriage sometimes ends in divorce, but sometimes they do.  The best way to minimize conflict during divorce is preparing for it before the marriage.  The second best way is to have an experienced partner that walks you through the process, gives you important, specific tasks to protect your communications, finances, and negotiation positioning,  connects you with the right professionals to help you, keeps you calm and focused in the storm, checks in on your progress, encourages and guides through the emotional highs and the lows.


What is a Divorce Coach?

A divorce coach acts as the central hub in a network of divorce professionals, ​guiding clients towards greater effectiveness and efficiency in managing their ​energy, time, and finances.

By keeping clients organized, maintaining the right mindset, and directing them to ​appropriate professionals, the coach ensures smoother navigation through the ​divorce process.

Do I Need a Divorce Coach?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed and emotionally swamped ​during divorce?
  • Are confusing demands and decisions leading to exhaustion?
  • Have you lost sense of direction and difficulty navigating the ​process?

Why Hire a Divorce Coach

  • Assistance in choosing the right divorce process option.
  • Support through chosen legal processes.
  • Help in nesting arrangements for children.
  • Structured guidance for discussing changes with children.

Support Through ​Emotional Challenges

  • Develop coping skills for emotional meetings.
  • Coach attendance at meetings to manage pace.
  • Self-care practices for emotional well-being.

Help Building Your Team

  • Help in Identifying what professional services you need and provide options
    • Family Law Attorney & Mediator
    • Accountant and/or Forensic Accountant
    • Mental Health Professional
    • Financial Planner
    • Real Estate Agent
    • Mortgage Broker
    • Insurance, Home, Life & Health

Envisioning Life Post-Divorce

  • Goal-setting and identification of activities and interests.
  • Vision aids in planning and influences negotiations.
  • Discussing career re-training as part of the settlement.

Prepare Negotiation Skills

  • Identifying priorities and areas for compromise.
  • Clear articulation without emotional interference.
  • Efficient and cost-effective process.

Building a Co-Parenting ​Relationship

  • Developing new communication skills.
  • Establishing boundaries and conflict resolution strategies.
  • Importance for adjustment, recovery, and moving on.

Parenting Plan Development

  • Tailored plan considering child development.
  • Predicting and addressing potential conflicts.
  • Reducing post-divorce stress and conflict.

High Asset / High Conflict

  • Avoiding Triggering partner with words and actions.
  • Techniques to avoid being triggered.
  • Focusing on the IMPORTANT.
  • Staying firm on boundaries.

Personalized ​Coaching

Our experienced divorce coaches provide ​personalized guidance tailored to your ​unique circumstances and goals. Whether ​you’re grappling with emotional turmoil, ​legal complexities, or co-parenting ​dilemmas, our coaches are here to offer ​support and strategies.

Practical Guidance

From understanding legal processes to ​financial planning and co-parenting ​strategies, our coaches offer practical ​insights to help you make informed ​decisions and navigate the logistical ​aspects of divorce with confidence.

Emotional Wellness

Divorce can take a toll on mental and ​emotional well-being. Through ​compassionate listening and evidence-​based techniques, we help you navigate ​grief, anxiety, and uncertainty, fostering ​resilience and self-empowerment.


CDC Certified Divorce Coach®

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