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As a family law attorney, I have represented clients in countless divorces and helped clients navigate these challenges for over 15 years.  Although I was their legal advocate, I never truly felt capable of managing clients’ issues when it came to emotional part of divorce.  I found myself struggling as an attorney working with confused, intimidated, and anxious clients who were so overwhelmed with court hearings, opposing counsel’s demands, and organizing financial documents – in addition to feeling the trauma of divorce.  My clients felt helpless, and my career became stressful and demanding.  I started to lose focus of my own reasons for practicing family law.

After several years of needing a change, I made it a priority to help clients sort through the emotional part of divorce, become more involved in their own cases, and thrive in the post-divorce transition once the lawyers and judges were out of the picture.  I knew I had to reinvent the divorce experience by providing support to my clients, as well as guidance, focus, and tools for a peaceful transformation.  I became certified as a Divorce Coach and Divorce Transition & Recovery Coach, and today, my practice is devoted to helping men and women who are simply overwhelmed by the divorce process and ready to gain clarity, confidence, and the ability to move forward with grace.


Services I Offer

In addition to a complimentary, introductory coaching session, I also offer single sessions or a money-saving 5 session package.  

Single Session:  You deserve support for each concern you face before, during, and after your divorce.  Let’s discuss your biggest challenges as well as your goals.  Whatever your concern — dealing with a difficult spouse?  Difficulty with co-parenting children?  Re-entering the workforce?  Pain of Divorce?  We will address your worries and together walk the path to a achieving your goals.

 Session length:  45 minutes


Click to schedule: https://www.mydivorcecoaches.com/sessions-and-packages

5 Session Package:  

Receive support and guidance at a reduced price when you book a 5 session package.  This is ideal for ongoing challenges with divorce including high-conflict litigation.  Let’s discuss your concerns and bring you clarity, confidence, and the ability to transition into a life beyond divorce.

Session length:  45 minutes

5 Sessions

$550 ($50 savings)

Click to schedule:  https://mydivorcecoaches.com/sessions-and-packages

Book a Complimentary Session

Let’s explore your most urgent challenges and how you can become the best version of yourself during and after your divorce.  If you then feel you can benefit from divorce coaching, we can discuss scheduling another session or choosing a 5 session package.  Absolutely no obligation, zero strings attached.  Booking is so simple, just check out the link below. 

Session length:  30 minutes

Cost: FREE

Click to schedule:  https://mydivorcecoaches.com/sessions-and-packages