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CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
M.Ed., Divorce Mediator
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Karen’s background is in education and counseling. She was a teacher and school counselor before going into private practice working primarily with children, adolescents, and families.

After her own unexpected divorce after a long term marriage, she realized she did not have all the information, resources and emotional support she needed.

Relying entirely on her attorney created a scenario that did not serve her well in mediation and through the divorce process.

Because of this unfortunate experience, she decided to use her background and become a Certified Divorce Coach and a Divorce Mediator.

She focuses on providing accurate information, options for going through divorce, emotional support to be able to look at divorce as a business agreement instead of staying “stuck” in the fear, anger, anxiety, and pain of this difficult situation.

As a Licensed Provider for New Ways for Families Pre-Mediation Coaching Program, she prepares her clients for mediation so that they can have the best outcome for themselves and their families.

In addition, Karen provides Co-Parenting Coaching to help couples who are struggling with their parenting plan so that they do not end up having to go to court again.

Karen is both a Divorce Coach and a Divorce Mediator in Phoenix at Smarter Divorce Solutions and is able to provide both in person and online mediation services. A model called Mediation Plus® provides mediation clients with all the financial information and support they need to reach a durable settlement agreement. We are able to do mediations in any state with the ability to do online mediation.

Services I Offer

Services provided:

Divorce Coaching – One on one sessions and packages available based on the client’s needs and interests.

Pre-Mediation Coaching – 1-2 sessions to prepare clients for the mediation process so that they can be aware of emotional triggers and have the skills to negotiate a settlement agreement.

Co-Parenting Coaching – 3 sessions. Work with divorced parents who may be having difficulty following their parenting plan. Teach them better communication skills and provide tools that help them if they are dealing with a high conflict co-parent. Prevents parents from having to spend thousand of dollars going back to court to handle these parenting issues.

Divorce Mediation – Through a program exclusive to Smarter Divorce Solutions called Mediation Plus®, we are able to do mediation in a kinder, gentler way. Financial services are included so that the parties are able to see exactly what their assets, debts and projections look like for their future planning.


Certified Divorce Coach®
Basic Mediation Training (40 hours)
Advanced Mediation Training (40 hours)
Collaboratively Trained Coach Certification

Professional Memberships

Academy of Professional Family Mediators
Collaborative Professionals Phoenix
Maricopa County Association of Family Mediators

Background Experience

As a professional counselor, I have had 25 years experience in working with children, adolescents and families.

I served as a divorce and child custody mediator in Texas at the Hill Country Dispute Resolution Center for four years.

I am currently employed at Smarter Divorce Solutions in Phoenix, AZ as a Divorce and Co-Parenting Coach and a Divorce Mediator.


“Karen is a bright light in the dark world of divorce. Her care and dedication to helping me throughout this past year is something I will never forget because it was something no one else knew how to help me with.

She offers a rare service that includes her own experience, education and most of all her big sincere servant’s heart that is invaluable in the professional arena.

Anyone who is going through a divorce should not do it alone and would benefit greatly emotionally and financially with Karen’s guiding hand.

I am so grateful for not having to do the dreadful task of divorce alone.

Thank you from the bottom on my heart.”

Laurie B.


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