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CDC Certified Divorce Coach, Mediator, Co-Parenting Specialist, New Ways for Families Coach
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Kelly Myers is a dedicated professional with extensive training in divorce coaching, mediation, and co-parenting. With a passion for helping individuals navigate the challenges of divorce and separation, Kelly has established herself as a trusted advisor and advocate for countless individuals and families. Her expertise lies in providing invaluable guidance, emotional support, and practical solutions during what is often a tumultuous and emotionally charged period.

With nearly a decade of experience in the field, Kelly possesses a deep understanding of the complex dynamics involved in divorce and separation. She has dedicated her career to empowering her clients to make informed decisions, find their voice, and achieve positive outcomes for themselves and their children. Kelly firmly believes that divorce does not have to be a battle, but rather an opportunity for growth, healing, and the creation of a new beginning.

Kelly facilitates constructive dialogue between divorcing couples, fostering a cooperative and respectful environment. She strives to help couples find common ground, identify shared priorities, and reach mutually beneficial, sustainable agreements. Kelly’s approach to coaching, mediation, and co-parenting is grounded in empathy, and the belief that divorcing couples have the ability to work together in finding equitable solutions that best serve their unique circumstances.

Kelly is a Certified Divorce Coach and received her mediation training through Northwestern University, the Harvard Program on Negotiation and the acclaimed Mosten Guthrie Academy. Kelly has also been trained by Bill Eddy in High Conflict Mediation and as a New Ways for Families Coach. She is passionate in her advocation of developing balanced co-parenting strategies to build harmony within the new family dynamic and is a part of the Co-Parenting Specialist Certification training team at Mosten Guthrie Academy. Kelly’s a graduate of the University of San Diego and earned her paralegal certificate from USD’s ABA approved paralegal program. Kelly believes that helping people navigate the divorce process through managing their emotions, creating a divorce support team, and getting clarity around positions and interests, allows people to use their divorce to build a strong foundation for their future.

Services I Offer

Divorce and Mediation Coaching, Divorce Mediation, High Conflict Coaching, Co-Parenting Coaching, Parenting Plan Creation and mediation, Couples Coaching


• CDC Certified Divorce Coach
• CDC Certified Transition & Recovery Coach
• Co-Parenting Specialist Certification
• Co-Parenting Specialist Training Team
• Mediation and Conflict Management Certificate – Harvard Program on Negotiation
• Navigating Divorce with Parents of Children with Special Needs
• Cinergy Conflict Coaching
• Paralegal Certificate – University of San Diego
• Divorce Mediation Certificate – Northwestern University
• 40-hour Family Mediation Training – Mosten-Guthrie Academy
• Advanced Mediation Training – Mosten-Guthrie Academy
• New Ways for Families Coach – The High Conflict Institute
• Graduate of Coach U Core Essentials Program
• Certified YouMap® Coach and Facilitator
• Mastermind Group Facilitator Training

Professional Memberships

VESTA: Redefining Divorce Vetted Network Professional
International Academy of Collaborative Professionals
San Diego Family Law Bar Association
Association of Professional Family Mediators
Southern California Mediation Association
Association of Family and Conciliatory Courts

Background Experience

To effectively guide my clients in matters of divorce, co-parenting relationships, and mediation, it is crucial for me to remain well-informed and continually expand my knowledge base. Keeping up with current trends and information allows me to provide the best possible guidance. I have undergone extensive training in negotiation, mediation, and high conflict resolution, equipping me with the necessary skills to navigate complex situations. Additionally, I hold various certifications and maintain active professional affiliations that further enhance my expertise in this field. By staying abreast of the latest developments and continually honing my skills, I strive to offer my clients the highest level of support and assistance.


Stephanie D.

Kelly was a critical partner to me in every step of my process—from thinking about separating, making the decision to divorce, helping me to find key resources, supporting me through mediation and starting a new life after divorce. She is a great advocate and coach, and I am deeply grateful for her support.


I can’t tell you enough HOW MUCH your support has meant to me during this season of my life – when I think of it, I tear up because I could not have survived without you!! Your service is exactly what people like me need. Keep doing this work, it’s important and it makes a huge difference in people’s lives.


Thank you for everything you’ve helped me with. It made a world of difference in a very difficult time!

Caryn A.

I worked with Kelly during a difficult time where I was focusing on my own discovery, who I was, what I wanted out of life and how I wanted to be there for my family.  Kelly supported me and helped me sort through the weeds.  We had an immediate bond as we had shared experiences, she truly understood what I was going through.  Kelly comes from a place of care and concern; she gave me space to find my own answers and guided me to solutions I hadn’t considered.  After working with Kelly, I was able to face my life again.  I found the strength to make the right decisions, to trust myself and to model the life I want for me and my family.  I was able to love who I am again.

Sally F.

Kelly’s coaching helped me focus on what I needed to do to move forward and what next steps I should take.  She is understanding and shows a lot of empathy, while trusting me to know what is best in my life. She challenged me in the right way.

Jessica M.

I cannot express how grateful I am for Kelly. I am already divorced but going back to court. I wasn’t sure how much she would be able to help me but she has a wealth of knowledge. She asked questions I wouldn’t have even thought of. I can only imagine how helpful it would have been to specak with her before my actual divorce. Kelly is dedicated ad invaluable!

Zach Taylor

I am so impressed with Kelly and the services she provides. As a lender, we work on many of the same cases and her clients are so well prepared and armed with all of the information needed to make the confident decisions needed to get through the difficult divorce process. This cuts down on time needed with mediators and attorneys which saves TONS of legal fees too.

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