Khadija Al Jabri
CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
Khadija Al Jabri, The Divorce Navigation Coach
Languages Spoken
Arabic, English
About my Practice

Hello, I’m Khadija Al Jabri, a dedicated & certified Divorce Coach based in the UAE, specializing in guiding women through the complexities of High Conflict divorces, especially within Muslim communities. My expertise is deeply rooted in understanding and addressing the unique challenges these women face, offering tailored support and strategies to navigate their journeys with clarity and resilience.

Drawing from my own journey and professional expertise, I understand the fear and uncertainty that come with divorce — the fear of retaliation, loneliness, financial instability, and the impact on your children, all under the heavy shadow of stigma and judgment. But remember, divorce is a process that refines, not defines you.

As someone who’s walked this path, I’m here to be your guide, ally, and partner, ensuring your interests are always front and center.

My focus is on your stability and safety, fostering resilience, and crafting a forward-looking plan for you and your children.

I provide tailored coaching focusing on helping you find clarity in chaos, informed decisions, and decisive action, empowering clients to navigate their divorce with resilience and hope. My services are designed to address the unique challenges faced during high-conflict divorces, offering both emotional support and practical guidance.

As your Divorce Coach, I create an empowering, non-judgmental environment where you can expect to achieve the following outcomes:

  1. Unpack & address your immediate and long-term concerns.
  2. Clarity in decisions & choices impacting both the now and your future.
  3. Simplify the complexities that come with this time of chaos.
  4. Reshape your perspectives & transforming your outlook of the challenges at hand.
  5. Focused & realistic goal setting that are aligned with your values & needs.
  6. And finally – walking with you down the path of turning your goals into a reality.

My commitment is to guide you through this transition with clarity, informed decisions, and decisive action. Whether you’re in the thick of a taxing divorce or picking up the pieces afterward, my goal is to turn this phase into a new beginning brimming with possibilities.

Divorce is more than a legal hurdle; it’s a chance for personal rediscovery and renewal. My promise is to accompany you on this journey with compassion and empathy. A painful marriage or divorce is simply a chapter in your life, not your entire story.

Services I Offer
  1. Divorce Navigation Coaching: Specialized coaching for Muslim women in high-conflict divorces, focusing on emotional, legal, and financial aspects.
  2. Crisis & Safety Management: Providing urgent support and practical strategies in emergencies, especially in abusive situations.
  3. Pre-Divorce Coaching: Providing guidance for those considering divorce, focusing on decision-making clarity, legal and financial implications, and emotional readiness.
  4. Getting Organized for Divorce: A comprehensive and collaborative process & planning for navigating legal procedures, securing financial stability, placing safety measures (where applicable), arranging child custody/ support, and managing home transitions, all tailored to streamline the divorce process.
  5. Emotional Resilience and Coping Mechanisms: Enhancing emotional strength and resilience through targeted coaching and exercises.
  6. Child Advocacy and Co-Parenting Guidance: Guidance on custody, advocacy, and effective co-parenting strategies.
  7. Social Support and Self-Care Strategies: Guidance on managing social changes, building support networks, and prioritizing self-care.
  8. Goal Setting for Post-Divorce Life: Assisting in setting and achieving personal and professional goals after divorce.
  9. Ongoing Support and Transitional Guidance: Continuous adaptation of strategies and support through each divorce stage.
  10. Empowerment and Closure Strategies: Focusing on empowering clients for informed decision-making and achieving closure.
  11. Reflective Review and Feedback: Regular evaluations to ensure progress aligns with set goals, adjusting strategies as needed.

CDC Certified Divorce Coach®

Background Experience

My practice is distinct in blending personal experience with professional expertise – with over two decades in marketing and communications, I’ve faced personal challenges in divorce and societal issues firsthand. These experiences inspired my transition to a CDC Certified Divorce Coach, committed to empowering others in their journey through the complex landscape of divorce, particularly in Muslim communities. My approach is rooted in compassion, understanding, and a commitment to transformative change.

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