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CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
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I specialise in helping busy people going through separation and divorce who want to get clarity and focus:

  • Feel Energised
  • Build Resilience
  • Navigate the divorce process
  • Get clear on their financials
  • Focus on their parenting outcomes
  • Increase their divorce stamina.
  • Build financial independence
  • And keep smiling
Services I Offer

Divorce Coaching, Change Coaching, Corporate and Career Coaching, Transition and Recovery Coaching, Building Financial Independence, Divorce Preparation, Divorce Process, Rebuilding after Divorce, Self Care, Self Awareness, Mature Divorce, Dealing with Loss, Productivity coaching.


CDC Certified Divorce Coach
CDC Certified Transition Coach
CDC Certified Recovery Coach
Creator & App Founder – Divorce Source app

Background Experience

Kim has worked in management, sales, marketing, advertising and retail. Throughout her corporate career Kim has managed, mentored and coached the teams she worked with.

Kim studied life coaching way back when it was just becoming popular and has also completed some of The Landmark Education.

Kim loves connecting with people and hearing their stories. Most importantly she loves helping people and making a positive difference to people’s lives.

Kim also created the Divorce Source app which helps separating and divorcing parents get more organised for their divorce. The app assists you in collating everything for your financial affidavit and sorting your parenting agreement. The Divorce Source app can also be used post your divorce proceedings.

Kim lives in Sydney Australia and has spent time living in the USA and Asia.


Having known Kim for over 15 years, I have evidenced her consistency in living her day to day professional and personal life with honesty, integrity and trustworthiness.

Kim’s nature is one shaped by a genuine kindness and care for all those she interacts with, irrespective of the connection or situation.

Her approach is undeniably one where she always treats others as she wants to be treated herself, forever cognisant of people’s feelings and unique points of difference.

An outstanding trait Kim demonstrates, amongst many, is her ability to put people at ease and feel safe. By building a rapport, and demonstrating a sense of calm and understanding, she is the person you always know you can rely on; she never judges and assesses the circumstance with a balanced view underpinned by an innate sense of perspective.

Kim is a person of courage and conviction, as evidenced through her determination and will to always consider and then do the right thing by all those around her, to drive the best and most fair and personable outcome.

Holding Kim in the highest esteem, I would highlight her greatest strengths as her loyalty and dependability.

She has an inherent respect for herself and for those she chooses to surround herself with; a role model for all those around her with a focus and continuing level of self-awareness and continuous improvement to ensure she is the best partner, mother, sister and friend (and where relevant manager and team member).

From a professional perspective she drives success through strong leadership, a consultative style that is underpinned by a clear vision and robust plan executed with agility and logic.

Considerate of those she interacts with and their differences as people and personalities, she demonstrates an adaptable style with a sense of fun and realism for the situation at hand.

I would have no hesitation to recommend Kim in any circumstance, with any community; reinforced with the endorsement that her engaging and influential approach, considered advice, humility and personable style are all founded on her desire to achieve the best outcome for all involved.

An outstanding individual who has proven and continues to be an inspiration to many.

Heather Clark

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