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CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
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My name is Kimberly and I would like the opportunity to be your divorce coach.

Why? To empower you in making the smart choices while evolving personally through your unique divorce. Avoiding a contentious divorce makes the process and life after easier on everyone. I am not an advocate for divorce, but it happens to the best of us.

I got through my divorce and you will as well. When my marriage ended what I looked forward to the most was peace and freedom from the chaos of an unhealthy relationship that impacted the entire family. Because I put my children first, I can now proudly say that they are thriving and well adjusted to the new life we share.

Some day this whole thing will be over for you as well. You too can look back on this as a time when you realized personal strengths and gained a new self awareness that helped you through the process as emotionally, financially and physically whole as possible.

I have a special interest in helping clients with children. I have specialized knowledge in children with learning disabilities, ADHD and/or health needs requiring both parents to be on board.

Divorce can be complicated with a difficult or challenging spouse. Let me help you benefit from my experience.


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Divorce Coach, Managing Life Changes, Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist, Recovery & Transitions Coaching



CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist

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You owe it to yourself…

Is fear holding you back?

Is a lack of clarity making you avoid taking the first step to a brighter future?

You are not alone, I have experienced this also.

This process was as unknown to me as it probably is to you right now.
I wish I had acted sooner. Holding off did not make it easier for me or save me any time or money.
You owe it to yourself to get this started and see it through.

I would love to get to know you and am ready to help.

There is no obligation just vital information.

Get started today to find out what it’s all about.