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Your Divorce Ally 

Expert guidance and compassionate support for navigating the challenges of divorce with clarity, confidence and integrity. 


Hello. I am Kris Pina, your divorce ally. I am a trauma-informed, CDC Certified Divorce Coach® dedicated to guiding individuals through one of life’s most challenging transitions with empathy, expertise, and unwavering support. My goal is to assist you in thinking strategically and in creating a plan for your divorce so that you can secure the best possible settlement while minimizing conflict, stress, costs, and the time needed to finalize your divorce, while helping you simultaneously heal from the pain, confusion and disappointment of betrayal, psychological abuse and loss.

I specialize in supporting women who have experienced infidelity, lying, manipulation, and/or financial betrayal in their marriages – women who not only need resources and guidance with the logistical and financial aspects of divorce, but who may also need support managing the pain, fear and confusion of betrayal trauma, help communicating with a psychologically or emotionally abusive spouse, strategies for navigating conflict, and assistance negotiating effectively.

Professional Background

With over two decades of experience in consulting and a robust background in various therapeutic and coaching disciplines, I bring a comprehensive and compassionate approach to divorce coaching.

I have been leading my own training, consulting and coaching businesses for over 20 years, providing individuals with strategic insights and personalized solutions to meet their unique needs. My journey in the helping professions began over 10 years ago with a focus on helping others heal from disordered dieting and eating disorders. For those 10 years I served as a practicing Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, an EDIT Certified Intuitive Eating Disorder Therapist, and a Certified Mindset and Performance Coach. These roles have honed my ability to support individuals in nurturing healthy relationships with themselves and others, in recovering from the trauma that often causes these types of disordered relationships, and in building the resilience and self-confidence they need to face personal and professional challenges, reclaim their strength, achieve their goals and thrive in all aspects of their lives.

Personal Experience

I bring personal experience to my practice as well. I also have experienced the pain of betrayal trauma and navigated a difficult divorce process, giving me a deep understanding of the emotional and psychological challenges that my clients face and the steps one must take to find emotional safety, navigate the divorce process intelligently and heal after years of deceit and manipulation. This personal journey has fueled my passion for helping others find their strength and rebuild their lives.

Approach to Divorce Coaching

My approach, while always emphasizing emotional support, practical strategies, and empowerment, will be tailored to each client’s unique situation. Whether you are contemplating divorce, navigating the process, or rebuilding your life after divorce, I am here to support you in making the decisions that are best for you.

Why Choose to Work with Me as Your Divorce Ally?

Choosing the right divorce coach is important. My professional training, extensive experience, diverse expertise, personal insights, and compassionate approach make me uniquely qualified to support you through this transition. As your divorce ally, game plan partner and trusted supporter I can help you transition from the uncertainty, conflict and emotional turmoil of betrayal, separation trauma, and divorce to a place of security, strength, growth, and optimism for the future.

Services I Offer

One-on-One Coaching via Zoom, Phone, Face time, Skype or Google Meets

Relationship Betrayal Support Groups


CDC Certified Divorce Coach®

Background Experience

20 years’ experience running Coaching, Counseling, Training and Leadership Practices

CDC Certified Divorce Coach®

Transformation Academy® Certified Performance and Mindset Coach

EDIT® Certified Eating Disorder Therapist

Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

HAES® Health at Every Size Nutritionist


Bachelor’s Degree from Texas Tech University

Master’s Degree from the University of Hawaii

MBA Studies at the University of North Texas


Additionally, as part of my continuing education and efforts to help my clients in their recovery from betrayal and abuse I am completing final requirements, case studies and application for the following qualifications:

CPD Accredited Narcissistic Abuse Specialist

ICF, CCE and CPD Accredited Level 7 (Master’s Equivalent) Trauma Informed Coaching Certification

ICF, CCE and CPD Trauma Informed Positive Psychology Practitioner Certification


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