Kristen Alderson
CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
Beyond the Breakup
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As a Divorce Coach, Kristen is here to be your guiding light through the rollercoaster of emotions and decisions that come with divorce. She understands the uncertainty, overwhelm, and powerlessness that can accompany this journey and is dedicated to helping you regain confidence, find calm, and take control of your life.

Kristen, both personally and professionally, empathizes with the challenges you’re facing. She knows the ins and outs of establishing and maintaining best practices for parenting after separation – recognizing the importance of a solid foundation for the future.

Whether you’re contemplating, implementing, negotiating, or executing changes in your life, let Kristen at Beyond the Breakup be your compass. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions; instead, Kristen crafts strategic, personalized plans to keep you organized, reduce stress, and cut through confusion. It’s about gaining knowledge, strength, and confidence as you navigate this challenging chapter and prepare for the next.

Think of it like putting together a winning team – something Kristen knows a thing or two about. Just as you direct teams to collaborate for success at work, she’s here to guide you towards collaborative solutions that bring depth and perspective to your divorce process. Let’s write the conclusion to this chapter together and set the stage for the empowering next phase of your life.

Services I Offer

I’ve got your back every step of the way. Here’s how I’ll support you in a way that feels real and relatable:

  1. Mindset Makeover: Let’s tackle your mindset and create a game plan before the divorce process takes over. It’s about reframing, regaining control, and preparing yourself mentally for what lies ahead.
  2. Finding the Right Fit: Navigating legal, financial, or therapeutic concerns? I’ll help you ‘Find the Right Fit’ professional for your unique needs. It’s like having a personalized matchmaking service but for the crucial aspects of your divorce journey.
  3. Practical Tools for Chaos: Building practical tools is crucial for calming the chaos and overwhelm. Together, we’ll create a toolkit that suits your lifestyle, helping you navigate the practicalities of divorce with a little more ease.
  4. Neutral Communication: Communication with your soon-to-be ex doesn’t have to be a battleground. I’ll guide you in implementing neutral communication strategies, fostering a more constructive dialogue during this challenging time.
  5. Talking to Your Kids: Discussing the situation with your children is never easy. I’ll share communication strategies tailored to talking to your kids, helping you navigate this conversation with empathy and understanding.
  6. In-the-Moment Support: Those difficult communication moments with your ex? I’ve got your back with “In the Moment” text message coaching support. It’s like having a supportive friend right in your pocket when you need it most.
  7. Preparing for the Next Stage: Let’s not just prepare for the divorce; let’s look ahead. I’ll help you get ready for the next stage, including continued recovery, co-parenting strategies, and even when you feel ready to dip your toes back into the dating pool.

Consider me your personal guide, your advocate, and your confidante as you navigate the real, messy, and human aspects of divorce.

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Navigating divorce is a whirlwind of tasks and emotions. It’s like juggling a dozen things at once while riding an emotional rollercoaster. But, here’s the deal: you don’t have to face it alone.

Choosing to go solo in this journey can be draining and exhausting. While your lawyer handles the legal nitty-gritty, I’m here to be your sidekick, your sounding board, your thinking partner, and your guide through the mess of confusion and overwhelm. Forget toughing it out or white-knuckling through; we’re in this together. Schedule a complimentary Discovery Session today to learn more about how Kristen can help.

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