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I am The Split coach, and I am known to help and support those facing a massive shift in their lives through a breakup or divorce. As a result, I also find myself the “go to” for relationship advice or anyone who is seeking out to end their relationship. I am both an accredited mediator and divorce coach and I use both skills to my advantage when I become someone’s thinking partner while they are riding the emotional rollercoaster ride called Splitting.

Struck by my own 10-year-long experience with divorce, I was exhausted and thrown by the complexities and lack of consolidated information to help me close that chapter of my life. I longed for a safe place to access emotional and organisational help, with professionals, resources, tools, and a warm community of those who already understand the situation.

I decided to create to propel a larger audience of people in my situation forward. I focus on being a positive thinking partner to help educate and support others to create their own personal roadmap, navigate the tides, and reclaim their confidence and inner balance. 



Accredited mediator, certified CDC Certified Divorce Coach® and in the Better Apart method

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Laila is a divorcee, a mom, accredited mediator, certified CDC Certified Divorce Coach® and in the Better Apart method, a global citizen, and serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience launching 2 successful business ventures.


Julie Testimonial:

I was also fortunate enough to have Laila on the receiving end of the phone throughout my divorce. She coached me through the process and always made me feel better about my situation. She had the ability to make me feel understood and held a very trusted space to help me understand what I needed out of the divorce. Laila is a woman of integrity and presence. She gives her time generously and she genuinely wants to help people through their problems. I would also say she is one of the best listeners I know.

  • Julie

Nim Testimonial:

Laila was my rock in times when everything felt unstable. She gave me the support I needed to get me back on track, get through the negative process that divorce brings, and she helped me shine through to the end. It takes a village to get through a divorce and laila helped me create that village and made sure I was looking after myself along the way.

  • Nim
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