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CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
CDC Certified Divorce Coach, ACC Certified Life Coach
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I used to say that I wouldn’t wish divorce upon my worst enemy and yet, I’ve worn seven wedding dresses and been through three divorces. So, I know a thing or two about the heartache and pain of falling in and out of love. If you’re anything like me, like any human being really, and you’re still in the midst of your separation, I bet you’re tired of hurting, you’re looking for a way out of the mess you call your life and you’re frightened about what the future holds. I’ve climbed out of what I called “my hole” more than once and each time, doing so successfully. That’s why I chose to become a Certified Life Coach and a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®.

During each of my divorces (as a child of, a young adult and a mother) the pain was so awful, I looked everywhere for help and no one could really grasp what I was going through. Oh, they talked about understanding; the professionals gave me lots of instructions on what to do but no one understood my particular space. Those were lonely days.

Today I’m here to help you understand what’s going on, to navigate decisions, and to create a new identity. I get it, I’ve done it, I know it can be done. I encourage you to talk to only those you can trust, someone who gets what you’re up against, and someone who’s been through the process. You see, the terrain between being married and being single isn’t for the faint of heart so for those thinking about, going through, or recovering from the experience of separation, I’m here to offer comfort in being heard and an opportunity to be understood.

Together, you get to make a road map that works for you and discover a real chance at creating a future with the partnership (or not) you desire. I am available by phone or via various online platforms.

Services I Offer

As a certified life coach and certified divorce coach, entrepreneur, and mom I get what it means to have to show up every day. Whether you’re at work, at home, a single parent, or an employer, you’re required to succeed at your role.

However, sometimes it’s all a bit much. The stress and overwhelm take over and you can’t think clearly.

That’s when you’re often consumed with feelings you don’t know how to handle. You probably call it anger, frustration, negativity…
And you know that if you go down, everything starts to crumble. Which is our biggest fear!


I offer On-Demand Coaching for those who need a daily reminder that life happens. And that you can handle it. The coaching is fun, easy, and still has all the confidential requirements of the International Coach Federation.

With this style of 1:1 or group coaching, the costs are low but the results remain high. My clients are taking big steps. They’ve got the kind of support that works. The accountability is daily. And we tackle everything from work situations, parenting, divorce or simply getting their home organized.

No matter what you’re dealing with, you matter.
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ACC, ICF Certified Life Coach
CDC Certified Divorce Coach

Background Experience

ACC Certified Life Coach with the International Coach Federation
CDC Certified Divorce Coach©
Certified Life Coach from the Life Purpose Institute

BA Douglass College, Rutgers University

Expert Writer –
Influencer –
Speaker – New York State Council on Divorce Mediation
President/Treasurer – Business Networking International (BNI)
Founder – The Scarlet D™ Workshops, The Scarlet D™ Letters
Founder – doingDivorce School
Mentor Program Coordinator – CDC Certified Divorce Coach© Training Program


Keep up your amazing, fantastic work! Your perspective on divorce and relationships is so needed and I’m sure salvages and saves lives. I mean that sincerely. Some people are so lost, confused, and broken by divorce or non-married break ups they’re suicidal or fall into a pit of despair and learned helplessness…You’re work is a light shining into their world, a lifeline they can grasp and pull themselves back to independence and self-reliance….
You’re an awesome gift!!

Just got home from work. Reading your email. I’m very grateful to receive these inspirational messages from you.  They have helped me over the last few months quite a bit. I know that life is about change and we have to change with it. I’m not the person I was ten years ago and I hope to a better version of myself in the future. Life goes on and people like yourself make it easier.
Thank you.  AB

Laura, you make many therapists look incompetent. Lol. I replayed what you said to me during the last coaching session and it was the best advice I’ve heard yet. Nobody before this experience has been able to help me or show me how to change and create the life I want for me. You cannot imagine how grateful I am to have your guidance. I felt these words deeply and am going to do all of the work I need to in order to heal and create and BIG!
Thank you a million times over!

I find your posts and advice fascinating.
I realize I could spend all day reading your material and never write again.
Keep up the great work.

I stopped immediately when I saw your e-mail come in to read the assessment.
Thank you.
It is all information that my soul has been telling me for years and try as I might, until speaking with you,
I have been unable to validate my feelings.
Hearing it is OK to put me first is soothing and reassuring. I know I said slow baby steps but my heart is screaming now.
Thanks for being there for me.
More intimacy with you on the phone in 3 hours than I can recall in several years.

Why 18 months with a psychiatrist and counselor was not as helpful I don’t understand.
They definitely helped me some but orders of magnitude less than you have already.
I had nobody to share those feelings with.  3 hours in a row and I felt selfish taking that time for me until you helped.
I definitely don’t think it was selfish now.
I’m ready.  What is next?

doingDivorce School was my last resort.
I didn’t know if it could help, but I had no more alternatives.
From our first call, something definitely shifted for me. I learned how to take my power back.
The work wasn’t easy and still isn’t, but I definitely know that I am worthy of love and am practicing showing that love to myself first.
I know that in the future I can have a healthy relationship with a woman who has done her work too because I will know how to recognize that.

Laura is seasoned, self-actualized, compassionate, wise, and strong.  To name a few traits.
She truly inspired me and our coaching class.  Her experiences are relevant and real.
I learned a lot about myself, as an adult child going through the painful divorce process of my parents.  My Catholic background made it that much harder to grapple and navigate, but my family made it through!
Laura’s insights were truly invaluable and helpful.

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5-years from now your life is going to be totally different than how it looks today. You’re going to become different because the very process of separating forces you out of your comfort zone and in a new direction. Doing so without guidance can be tricky.

What I know to be true is that there’s a particular kind of work necessary to change an inevitable future. If you don’t consciously, courageously design where you’re going you’ll remain stuck in resentment, fear, and loneliness. I call being stuck Post-Traumatic Divorce Disorder™. Without consciously creating the future, many people get stuck and are unable to get what they truly want after a relationship fails.

If you realize there’s work to be done and you do your work, you’ll get more in touch with your values, your self-worth, your boundaries, and not be thrown by the legal and emotional challenges the breakup forces you to face. You’ll stand a better chance at understanding what’s up ahead and make decisions in your best interest.

My aim is to offer help, inspiration, and perspective so you do not bring the legacy of divorce into your future. Set up a quick call with me here: