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As a facilitator of ‘Life Changes’ for my entire career, the one truth I know is that ‘change is the one constant in life’.  As a Change Management Specialist during my 15 years in Corporate America, I learned how we all respond differently to change and that the first step to navigating change effectively is recognizing it, acknowledging how hard it can be and learning how to navigate through it gracefully if possible.  

When I became a Yoga Instructor it was initially to share my love of the practice and the health benefits with others.  As my depth of the practice grew, I began to realize that my role for many of my students was a facilitator of change, growth and healing.  I began to realize that much of the health benefits of yoga stems from the ability to slow the mind, deepen the breath, and reconnect with and trust your body to tell you what it needs either emotionally or physically.  

After my own divorce, I again went through my own major transformation and grew in so many new ways.  I found a zest for life again that I had not felt in a very long time.  I learned a lot in the first four years after my divorce; read voraciously, took courses on personal growth, worked with a therapist to deal with some past trauma, took up latin dancing, and had my first post-divorce relationships.  It was a time of intense change and I loved it!

My choice to become a Divorce Coach was a natural progression for me as I now wanted to help others navigate this challenging time of life so that they could also experience the joy of the light at the end of the dark divorce tunnel.  The divorce process itself can be scary, exhausting and overwhelming at times but it is a temporary season of life.  I enjoy supporting my clients through the ups and downs of the actual divorce process and encouraging them to grow as they re-find themselves and their own joy in the divorce recovery phase.  

As a Divorce Coach, I work with my clients based on where they are at in the process.  Some of my clients are in the ‘Stay or Go’ dilemma and I help them come to whatever choice is best for them and their family and commit to their decision. 

For those entering into the divorce process, I help my clients get focused and confident for the challenging year ahead.  I help clients organize their questions so that they use the expensive professionals in the most efficient way possible.  I help them stay the course when they are feeling tired and help them try to stay in their Best Self through the actual divorce process.

As a Divorce Recovery Coach, I help my clients  envision what they want for their next chapter to look like and help them develop a plan to make it become a reality.  Depending on what they need at the time, I provide accountability, cheerleading, support, a listening ear, co-parenting guidance and more.

Some of my clients are ready to start dating and I walk with them through this new phase of divorce, entering the dating field later in life can be a bit overwhelming for many people.  I hold their hand through the process and share the lessons I have learned along my journey.  It took me quite a few relationships to find the one and I have so many lessons to share so that others do not have to go through as many ups and downs as I did. 

I hope that my experience through this entire divorce process can help others make their journey as fast and easy as possible coming out of it with a lot growth and self awareness.  

Services I Offer

One-On-One Coaching:

  • Divorce Preparation & Organization
  • Co-Parenting During & After Divorce
  • Divorce Recovery & Rebuilding
  • Post-Divorce Identity & Defining Next Chapter
  • Dating Post Divorce
  • Mediation Preparation
  • Divorce Conflict Management

Group Coaching:

10 Week Support Group


Divorce Preparation Course & Co-Parenting Course


CDC Certified Divorce Coach® – 2021
CDC Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach® – 2021
Certified 200 Hour Yoga Instructor – Yoga Journey – 2011
Certified Pre & Post-Natal Yoga Instructor – YogaFit – 2010
Certified Yoga Instructor Level 1 – YogaFit – 2004
Certified Business Coach Level 1 – CoachU – 2003
Masters in Organizational Communications – UNC, Chapel Hill – 1999
Bachelors in Psychology – University of Florida – 1996

Professional Memberships

Mentee – Horizon Scholars Program – Valencia College
National Yoga Instructors Association

Background Experience

Masters in Organizational Communications – UNC, Chapel Hill – 1999

Bachelors in Pyschology – University of Florida – 1996

Registered 200 Hour Yoga Instructor

Yoga Studio Owner

Change Management Specialist

Trained in TRE (Trauma Release Exercise)




Lee was extremely helpful during my divorce. Her background, knowledge, patience, and compassion were exactly what I needed during a very stressful and confusing time. Lee has continued to be helpful to me during this post-divorce time with everything, including dating and career decisions. I am grateful for Lee’s assistance and highly recommend her for anyone undergoing life transitions.

Neta W. –  Atlanta, GA

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I generally work with clients in packages of 4 or 8 sessions.  The packages average out to about $60/session and one-off sessions are $75.

I offer a 15 minute complimentary Discovery Call to determine if I can be of help to you and how we can best work together to help you meet your goals through the season of divorce and beyond. 

To schedule a free consult, call or text me at 321-696-3482 or email me at lee@leewrightcoaching.com.

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