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CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
Narcissistic Recovery and Divorce Healing Coach
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As an empathetic certified Life, Relationship and Divorce Coach, my passion is to help people move forward and attain the life they desire and deserve. I believe my purpose is to turn my story into service and use my skills to help others change their lives and the lives of generations to come. 


I have spent the last two years as a self-employed coach, providing support for people navigating the stressful events and emotions of divorce. I assist my clients in dramatically increasing their chances of success by providing the information and strategies they need to help them through every phase of divorce and find the direction to become confident and happy once again. My coaching specialty is on Narcissistic Recovery and Divorce Healing.

In March of 2019, I created an online series, “Thrive After Divorce: How to Move Forward, Let Go, and Find Happiness!” I interviewed 25 top relationship experts from around the world. It was quite successful, reaching nine countries in only three days, helping and inspiring thousands who sought to grow and thrive through divorce. 


With an intrinsic passion for helping others create a path to success and fulfillment, I want to support their mental health and well-being as they flourish and form a strong foundation for their emotional health and wellness. 

With the ability to build strong, supportive relationships that empower emotional intelligence, inner stability and wellness, it is my honor to nurture the souls of others and assist them in creating pathways to personal empowerment and success.

I am also the founder of the Divorced Sisters Circle App – a phone app that provides a sisterhood support for our ongoing members. You can access some of other work through the app such as The Thrive After Divorce Course Podcast and the Divorce Holiday Cheer Camp. 

You can check our our mobile app here.


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CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
CDC Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach®.

Certified Professional Coach | Oct 2017 Certified Professional

Master Certified Coach | Jan 2018

Certified Professional Certified Group Coach | Jan 2018

Certified Professional Laser Coach | Jan 2018

Certified Relationship Coach | July 2021

Divorce College Mentor | Jan 2019

Heartcore Leadership Training  – Feb 2019 – Jun 2019

Certified Reiki Practitioner – First Degree, Second Degree | Jul 2016 


Lisa Fountain is a great Life Coach, but she is an even better human being. She takes the time to understand your true issues, but has the warmth, caring and compassion to let you know she truly cares about your mental, emotional, and physical state of being. She has the knowledge and experience to ask you the tough questions to get you where you need to be and guide you through next steps, but is also willing to go that extra mile for you even when she is hurting herself. I am fortunate to have selected Lisa as my Life Coach, but even more honored to consider her my friend. – Michael D.


Lisa and I worked together at a time when I was waking up to the root of the toxic patterns in my relationships and I was deeply grieving that I’d tolerated so much for so long. Lisa brought strength that guided me to find my path to reconnect to my essence. I’m always amazed at what comes forward for me in Lisa’s presence.  Her intuition, brilliant gift for presenting the perfect metaphor at exactly the right time, and her deep, yet gentle questions always seem to bring me to the answers I am seeking or assist in clarifying issues at hand. I’m so grateful for her loving presence and expertise. If you are ready to invest in the you you know you are meant to be, Lisa is the ally you want in your life.  – Michelle B.


Lisa brings her warm heart and keen insight to helping women navigate major life transitions. She is deeply empathetic and able to combine her effective communication skills and vast knowledge and experience to help her clients find their way forward.  She is a coaches’ coach because she is so skilled at discerning the potential of each individual and is able to help them discover their strengths and build on them. If you feel lost or silenced, Lisa can help you find yourself and assert your voice. – Sunhee J.


This is awesome Lisa ❤️. I’m also taking notes, I can relate to how you must have felt, it’s always good to be in control of your emotions! – Thabiso M.


What a great way to end a Friday and a great way to start a Saturday! Thank you Lisa! We talked about all sorts of things about how we can help others and each other. I’m so proud to be part of the sisterhood. – Tami W.



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