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As a former family lawyer and child of divorce, I have a pragmatic perspective on what it takes to successfully overcome the overwhelm of divorce. Whether you are grappling with the decision of pursuing a divorce, how to best work with an attorney or mediator or what is best for your children, I can give you the tools and empower you to find the answers you need. We will work together to help you make the decisions that are right for you and your family.

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As a divorce coach, my role is to help steer you through the process of divorce in a pragmatic, productive and dignified way. We break the issues down as I help you gain clarity and make well thought-out decisions through all steps of your divorce journey, helping you choose your battles and reach resolutions that will work best for the long term. As a former family attorney, I also will help guide you in utilizing your attorney and other professionals efficiently and wisely.

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National Association of Divorce Professionals (NA DP)

Background Experience

While I am fortunate enough to have been blessed with a successful marriage, I have lived closely with divorce my entire life. As a child of divorced parents, I always have been a keen observer of familial and financial dynamics. As an adult and an attorney, this led me to a lifetime as an informal advisor to many friends and colleagues going through the divorce process. Realizing my passion for helping individuals and families in transition led me to re-enter the legal field in the practice of Family Law.

As a Family Lawyer, I recognized from a professional standpoint that there was something missing in the process. I envisioned how much more efficient divorce could be if individuals had better overall guidance. Time and time again, in both my personal and professional lives, I observed people putting too much of their emotional and financial resources toward unproductive use, making divorce more overwhelming, confusing and expensive than it needed to be.

As a good listener and a born pragmatist, I discovered that others had identified the enormous value in this type of coaching and I pursued certification as a Divorce Coach.

It is my personal mission to help clients move through a difficult transition with greater direction and dignity, navigating a clear path to the life they want for themselves and their families.

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Each client is given a 30-minute complimentary Discovery Session during which time I can hear in your own words what your current situation is and understand what you want to accomplish. I will listen to your concerns and assess if/how coaching can help you. It is the time for us to start building a relationship and for you to evaluate whether or not you think divorce coaching will be beneficial to you.

You can book your Discovery Session via email or by calling 203.292.3320.

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