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CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
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Many people that I meet exhibit fear and anxiety as they begin and proceed through their “separation and divorce” journey. I hear the statements:

  • I don’t want to be alone”
  • I can’t figure it out”
  • “I am so sad”
  • “This keeps me up at night”
  • I will never be happy”
  • I am afraid of change”
  • I am uncertain of what to do next”

I have made these statements myself and as time has gone by, I have found them to be incorrect.

I want to help people get through this time, which I call this time “in the meantime,” and guide them towards their “new normal.”

  • I know where you are
  • I know how hard it can be
  • I know that you can get there
Services I Offer

The services that I offer will be one on one meetings, held face to face or via zoom.  We will start our conversation with an update or follow up from our prior meeting.  We will than discuss what is the most important issue for my client at that time and we will walk down the path together.

If the issues involved financial topics, I am a certified Ramsey Solutions Financial Coach, so therefore I can walk down this path with my client as well.


CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
CDC Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach®.
DCA Pre-Mediation Divorce Coach™
Ramsey Solutions Financial Coach

Background Experience

I have a family and am divorced.  I have suffered loss due to deaths of family members and friends.  I have been trained as a Transition and Recovery Coach and can assist my clients in these areas.

My education and past work experience are in the areas of finance, accounting and analysis.   I have been trained as a Ramsey Solutions Financial Coach and can assist my clients on this topic as well.

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I am a certified Ramsey Solutions Financial Coach and a certified Transition and Recovery Coach.

With my Financial Coach training, I will help you find stability and security from a financial perspective.

Due to my Transition and Recovery coach training, as well as my life experiences, I will guide you towards peace of mind, courage and confidence for your evolution towards your new normal.

I can take you on the pathway to peace, prosperity and contentment from within.

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