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Practicing in an unofficial capacity since 2018 and certified in 2021, I have helped countless clients prioritize pre-, mid-, and post- divorce issues, streamline communications, organize their support teams, document matters for court, and identify out-of-the-box options for resolving matters in order to move on. Everyone wants to get through the divorce and custody matters, and start on a new chapter of their lives. Unfortunately, sometimes we get stuck “spinning wheels” and focusing on items that don’t help us in this process. I am here to help. In me, you’ll have a partner with a structured approach to identify the issues, prioritize needs vs wants, and help you get through this journey in the most efficient way possible. I can step in when conversations get heated, help you and your attorney spend time more efficiently, and let you know when you need an additional person on your team.

Services I Offer

Teaching more effective communication methods, especially in high conflict situations

Administrative matters that do not require a law degree, such as gathering information and organizing your evidence

Helping you identify and prioritize issues in your case

Developing detailed and effective parenting agreements and proposals, especially important in high conflict situations

Streamlining the communication between you and your legal team, helping you save time (and money)


CDC Certified Divorce Coach
CDC Transition & Recovery Coach

Background Experience

I have a Bachelors in Business administration from Babson College 2005. I have a background in CFO/outsourced accounting, program management, event coordination, planning and management, and have built a successful Real Estate practice in the Greater Boston area. All of these roles have been client facing and required an excellence in understanding the matters at hand, negotiation, resolution, and money management. Paying attention to details is my specialty, be it a multi-million-dollar purchase or a contested custody case.

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