Michelle Browning
CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
Certified Divorce Coach®, Somatic Experiencing (SE™) Practitioner
Michelle Browning Coaching, LLC
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About my Practice

I’m a Certified Divorce, Transitions and Recovery Coach® and Somatic Experiencing (SE™) Practitioner based in Los Angeles.

I help people like you intentionally prepare for divorce, heal from toxic relationships and take exquisite care throughout the process and beyond. Partnering with me during all stages of divorce saves you time, money, and precious energy while we set the stage for the post-divorce life you desire. 

Together, we alchemize the pain of divorce into the most profound healing journey, as you re-member the wholeness of who you are. Even in the most disempowering of circumstances, my clients find their engagement, inner-strength, agency, empowerment, passion, and purpose.

Services I Offer
  • Personalized one-on-one coaching sessions via Zoom.
  • Psycho-education and somatic resources to befriend your nervous system while addressing charged situations and major decisions.
  • Boundary work and accountability.
  • Preparation and organization pre-divorce so that you can be an educated and credible mediation and/or attorney client.
  • Short cut to creating a rock-star expert team with access to my vetted network of experts in every related field.
  • Managing and editing emotionally charged communication.
  • Co-designing your child’s ideal parenting plan.

CDC Divorce Transitions & Recovery Coach®
Somatic Experiencing Practitioner® (SE™),
Applied Polyvagal Theory (PVI)
New Ways For Families Facilitator®, HCI®
Breathwork, EFT™ & Meditation Facilitator
Parenting Educator – NVC
Massage Therapist

Background Experience

I have a unique skillset that equips me to support, guide, and resource my clients to access their clarity so they can make wise, grounded decisions while taking exquisite care of themselves. I’m a CDC Certified Divorce, Transitions and Recovery Coach® and trauma informed and trained Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP), with Applied Polyvagal Theory integrated in all of my work. My background in bodywork, parent education and personal development round out the skills I share with my amazing clients.

In addition, I facilitate and coach around the parenting course New Ways for Families, by High Conflict Institute, which helps parents reduce/contain conflict, reduce refusal, resistance, violence, and harm to the children.


“Michelle has been with me every step of the way, holding me (virtually) as I felt everything allll the way through. I was able to lean into my vision of my future that slowly came into focus. She walked beside me, shining her flashlight into the darkest, scariest places and showing me it is safe to advocate for myself. She helped me find my way home to my whole heart.”  Kim R., (Seattle, WA)


“Michelle is like a tour guide to my nervous system, humbly and intuitively naming patterns that reveal themselves and we gently explore them together. There is levity, depth, intimacy, and regulation in our work together which creates a sense of safety to explore and be curious. After walking on eggshells for over a decade, I’m on solid ground again.” Gwen D., (San Fransisco, CA)


“I had no idea how I’d be able to create a life without my spouse. I didn’t recognize the shell of the person I’d become. The day I reached out to Michelle, I began to reconnect with my essence and then slowly, my power got turned back on. I lost myself in my marriage and found myself in divorce coaching.” Natalia N., (Burbank, CA)

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