Mindy Walder
CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
MS Clinical & Counseling
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About my Practice

I combine my education and experience as a psychological counselor with the tenets of coaching to provide a caring approach to your divorce transition. I have training in somatic therapy and trauma recovery and consider healing a non-linear experience, one that requires time, patience and care. My professional experience is fortified by my own personal journey, transitioning from married to re-singled to single parenthood, which ten years later, feels like a remarkable achievement.

I can offer solid support, from practical and mundane to emotional/psycho-spiritual.

Services I Offer

Divorce transition and recovery – from building a divorce team, helping gain community support, getting organized for meetings (i.e.legal, financial), emotional support, self care practices, parenting support, teen support, self care practices, communication, high conflict spouses, and more.


MS Clinical & Counseling Psychology: Chestnut Hill College
CDC Certified Divorce Coach®,
Certified Buddhist Psychology/Mindfulness :Mindsight Institute
Certified in Macrobiotics: Denny Waxman
Somatic Therapy and Trauma Recovery: The Embody Lab

Background Experience

Mindy Walder (She/Her) is a therapist and coach working to help others find the connection between healing, personal accountability and social transformation. Mindy began her practice 10 years ago serving marginalized teenagers by helping them learn to cope within the systems that failed them. There, she honed her skills in conflict resolution techniques and self-care practices, which later served her practice as a transformation counselor/coach. Mindy’s current work centers specifically around individuals who are navigating the process of divorce—at any stage therein. She helps clients realign action with values to best care for (and protect) themselves and their children in this challenging time of emotional and physical upheaval.


Mindy holds an M.S. in Counseling Psychology and is a certified divorce coach. She holds a certificate from the Mindsight Institute, having studied with Jack Kornfield and Dan Seigel the relationship between neuroscience and Buddhist/mindfulness practices.


Mindy currently lives in Los Angeles, CA with her two teenage children and goldendoodle, Leona. In her spare time, she is writing a middle grade fiction series, called Parissma.



“I’ve come to understand her generosity of spirit was just the tip of what Mindy has to offer to a community, as a friend, and as a coach. Mindy listens deeply, with a genuine desire to understand. She is patient but no pushover. Her kindness is born of integrity. Her opinions and insights are simultaneously unique (to the moment, conversation, individual) and universal…Mindy helps those she helps to confront even the most brutal of facts while maintaining an unwavering faith in their ability to rise above and prevail.” – Amy Rosenthal, Designer

“Ms. Walder is a model for her clients as a divorce coach, as she has lived experience. Her admirable ability to move forward provides a blueprint for clients. Ms. Walder’s compassion, intelligence and ability to see the depth of talent in her clients is an indispensable quality. Her counseling after my divorce is the foundation within which I began to live my own rich life.” -Stephanie Renee Payne, USC Writing Professor


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