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Dr. Michael J is your coach. He is the author of Forever My Daddy: Denied. His passion and dream to be a father to his two sons was crushed as a result of Parental Alienation. As a result of this he is not only a Hand Surgeon, inventor and CEO of the company MJ MD Global Management, he is a certified divorce coach, who does not want You to go through what he went through. We use his book as a guide in the coaching process.

MJ MD Mediation & Coaching understands that many of our clients are high profile with very busy schedules. We stay focused on your goals. We know that the court system wants your money. Your soon-to-be former spouse wants your money. And fortunately, we know that if you have kids they want and need your time. Therefore, we become part of your team. Save time. Save money and move forward towards having a healthy co-parenting relationship.


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