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CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
CDC Certified Divorce Coach®, Mediator & LDA/Paralegal
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How will this process unfold? What challenges will I face during my divorce process? What will my life look like after this is behind me? How do I get there?

Every marriage and every divorce is unique. Your approach and the decisions you make before, during and after your divorce significantly impact your emotional, financial, and physical well-being. It is important to tailor the approach to your case to your specific needs and the circumstances of your family.

With over 75,000 hours on the inside of straightforward to complex cases as a family law litigation paralegal, I can provide valuable insight, guidance, and support as you navigate through the journey of divorce. As your Divorce Coach, Certified Divorce Specialist, and Mediator, I can help you successfully manage the challenges that arise during the divorce process while prioritizing your needs, goals, emotional well-being, and future life plan.

Services I Offer

Divorce/Family Law Coaching and Divorce/Family Law Mediation.

  • Helping you with initial decision making from whether to move forward and explore all options before filing a family law case;

  • Helping you organize your thoughts, issues and goals for a more streamlined and productive working relationship with your attorney;

  • Assisting with gathering the information and documents necessary to address support, custody, property and reimbursement issues;

  • Providing guidance, direction and support in the preparation of attorney-ready material to save time and hassle;

  • Increasing credibility and assisting you with substantiating your positions;

  • Depicting complex information in a straightforward manner for your attorney/case;

  • Providing support so that you navigate the process as a well-informed, well-prepared, and realistic family law client;

  • Being your thinking partner when difficult decisions or processes are being contemplated; and

  • Walking the divorce path with you so you can begin to focus on your new life path.

CDC Certified Divorce Coach®,
Certified Divorce Specialist
California Mediator
California Legal Document Assistant (LDA)/Paralegal

Professional Memberships

CDC Certified Divorce Coach (CDC)
National Association of Divorce Professionals (NADP)
Sonoma County Bar Association (SCB)
California Legal Document Assistants (CALDA)
National Notary Association (NNA)

Background Experience
  • 30+ year background in Complex Family Law Divorce and Custody Litigation, Mediation & Collaborative Cases as Senior Paralegal

  • CDC Certified Divorce Coach®

  • Certified Divorce Specialist (CDS®)
  • Mediator recognized by California Bar Association (CUC: Center for Understanding in Conflict)

  • Sonoma County Legal Document Assistant No. OOOO86

  • Certificated Superior Court Family Law Filing Clerk

  • Education: Empire Business College and School of Law, Paralegal Degree, and Santa Rosa Junior College Equine Science Major

  • Notary Public


“What a joy it is for me to write a testimonial for Monica Hardison-Dugmore. I have the distinct advantage of knowing Monica in her professional role and personally for more than 30 years. Monica began her paralegal career with me and remained an indispensable part of my litigation practice until I retired 25 years later. So, her character, I know intimately.

I witnessed Monica accompanying clients on their dissolution journey, navigating for them the road that could be circuitous at times, with compassion and sensitivity, always mindful of legal parameter realties and her role as a paralegal.

Monica’s character is uncompromised. She demanded of herself, day in and day out, no matter the number of hours worked on any given day, or the legal challenges and deadlines presented, to provide the highest level of interaction with the client. Monica’s sense of responsibility is part of her being. She only knows how to give a client that best she can provide. No matter what a client’s legal outcome may have been, every client Monica served received the highest level of attention to detail, Monica’s commitment to know their case, along with her ability to listen to their concerns without judgment.

The pace and complexity of our cases placed Monica on innumerable occasions under the most challenging time constraints a litigation practice could present, often with competing needs of anxiety ridden clients. Yet without an exception, Monica balanced the competing priorities with integrity and respect, never wavering from her commitment to the client. We share a deep commitment to one another that was cultivated in a successful litigation practice. A practice that required long hours and provided a myriad of shared experiences. Monica’s commitment to her profession, the client and her personal need to provide the highest level of service was a blessing for me and the many clients that were served.

Monica transition into the CDC Certified Divorce Coaching organization is a natural career progression. Her transition as a divorce coach will come as no surprise to the Sonoma County family law bar. Monica is known for her reliability and trustworthiness among my contemporaries. Her decision will come as no surprise for the Sonoma County paralegal community. A community where she is often pursued as the “go to” paralegal mentor.

Her impeccable character is well known, appreciated and deserved by our legal community. The CDC Certified Divorce Coaching organization will be stronger for her participation.”


Linda C. Tavis, Attorney (CA Bar #153569 – Inactive)



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