Nada Hariri
CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
CDC Certified Divorce Coach
Saudi Arabia
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I am a Certified Divorce and Wellbeing coach who works with people going through divorce or separation to help them respect, forgive, and love themselves. I help them discover who they really want to be and to overcome the guilt and concerns regarding their children.

The coaching I provide improves my client’s wellbeing during stressful times and helps them turn their breakup into a breakthrough and navigate peacefully through their painful emotions toward their best self.

My Coaching process based on the ‘search for meaning’ theory. I encourage my clients to think beyond the divorce, focus on themselves, boost their wellbeing, and keep their inner peace.

Helping people connect deeply with their inner strengths is my passion. I have been practicing Divorce and Well-being Coaching since April 2018. Since then, I have worked with 123 clients from different cultural backgrounds and achieved over 400 Coaching hours.

Services I Offer

one-to-one Coaching session

support group


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CDC certified divorce coach
Certified Well-Being Life Coach
Certified relationship workshop facilitator
Certified Life story Coach
Certified Art Therapy Life Coach
Associate Certified Coach
Certified trainer

Professional Memberships

International Coach Federation ICF

Background Experience

A bachelor’s degree in economics.

7 years working as a program developer.

Designing and developing environmental awareness workshops for kids and adults plus contributing to the strategic plans of the company. skilled in non-profitable organization, Budgeting, and starting up new departments.

3 years working as a Divorce Coach, helping men and women to navigate their Divorce peacefully.

a certified trainer who facilitate numerous workshops and design lots of training materials.



Z. N  testimonial;

I was finding Divorce as a huge challenge and struggled for years to find my way out, when I worked with Nada, she helped me see the whole picture. she extracted my inner strength and self-confidence to face my fears and move on to a better place. I am so content and happy about my life now and feel grateful to Nada as she helped me to see the wider world out there.

A.G testimonial:

I knew Nada for 5 months, I worked with her before, during, and after my Divorce. I wouldn’t imagine how would I do it without her by my side. I have never imagined that I could go through such a hard thing as a divorce while I am so grounded and so strong. I am grateful to God who put Nada my way to make such a transition smooth and rich in life lessons.