Neepa Padia
CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
Holistic Divorce Journey - Specialize in providing support to "Immigrant/Expat" women.
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It does feel overwhelming whether you are contemplating divorce, in the midst of it or transitioning after it but a small support can play a magical role to smoothen this journey. As a Certified Divorce Coach & Facilitator, my aim is to equip you with tools and techniques to help you prevent mistakes, minimize expenses, and build a secure future.

It hits even harder if you are an Immigrant/ Expat alone all by yourself, grappling with multi country rules, coping with financial constraints & international property, dependent spouse visa, and fearing for children’s custody & security. That is why I also specialize working with immigrants/expats facing divorce & its process. With a personal experience in this journey, I recognize the gaps and understand what can truly assist you.
My Background:
Moved to the USA post-marriage on a dependent spouse visa, leaving behind my career and life. Endured marital abuse, prompting me to question if I was doing Justice to my life. On a New Year’s Eve, fearing for my life during a prolonged abuse outside & at home, I made the decision to leave. Now, faced another set of challenges like emotional turmoil, where to start the process, whom to reach out to, financial constraints, and not earning. Despite setbacks, I persevered, small helps made it easier. Now, I proudly stand thriving in my personal, professional, financial, emotional, spiritual life. Adopting a holistic approach, I overcame obstacles, acquiring invaluable experience, skills, and insights to help guide others so they have thinking partner available & they  dont feel Alone.

With a Holistic approach, we can address various areas to move from emotional overwhelm to the business of divorce, so that you can,

  • Make well-informed and rational decisions.
  • Navigate the process with right divorce Experts, Organize Strategies, Communicate effectively with ex/children/attorneys, Prepare for mediation/meetings, Maintain successful Co-Parenting.
  • Transition post-divorce by setting goals and designing a secure future.
Services I Offer

I provide emotional as well logistical support – Before, During, Post divorce.

  • One-on-One Coaching – Individual sessions, various Packages.
  • Support Group.
  • Team work – Provide one stop support through various divorce professionals.
  • Prepare you for – Meetings, Mediations, Financials.

CDC Certified Divorce Coach®

Background Experience
  • Leveraging my finance and IT background, I offer practical insights and strategic guidance, utilizing analytical skills to navigate divorce complexities with precision.
  • Acquired skills through self-managing a divorce and overcoming various obstacles, including dealing with multi-country exposure, I cultivated empathy and a non-judgmental perspective.
  • Substantial experience assisting and guiding individuals facing divorce challenges.

Grateful for her strategic guidance amid divorce consideration. Support eased complexities of immigration status, low income, moving out and boosted confidence. Recommending for those facing challenges.

Book a Complimentary Session

I offer 30 minutes complementary session for mutual understanding and collaborative planning to navigate your divorce smoothly. No obligations for this valuable session.

For All your coaching sessions, we can meet via,

  • Phone
  • Video call – Zoom, Google Meeting or  other preferred medium, if available